Happy Mental Health Day!!!

Welcome to a new week PFS family!!! We hope you had a rejuvenating weekend and have now settled down (mentally) to take on this week’s tasks. We hope you have kept all our fellow neighbours (near and far) in your prayers of thanksgiving. We grieve the lives that have been lost to Hurricane Matthew’s (since recently dubbed Post-tropical cyclone) relentless poundings, but rejoice at all who still have breath in their bodies. 

There is no such thing as praying too much. Let us continue to pray for those who are still trying to recoup their losses and regain greater strength than they had before. We must get to a place where through empathy, we reach out to those in need.

What a way to start your new work week, as this: World Mental Health Day is today, commemorated around the world. This year’s theme surrounds psychological first aid, what it entails and those that usually the support group that assist victims of trauma and stress. Jamaica is fraught (as almost every country) with increasing stressors and traumatic events taking place, on an increased frequency that our people (sadly) have now accepted to be ‘normal’. Such notions as this, affects the quality support we provide to these victims, both at the primary and secondary level, as sufficient emphasis on care is not placed on the situations; and in some cases, the situation is made worst. 

Tip for teachers, social workers, counsellors, psychologists, police, nurses and all other support providers: desist blaming the victim. Once you place this blame squarely on the victim’s shoulders; a lot of messages are being sent: 1) you are apathetic; 2) you believe they deserve it and 3) you are not so invested in getting them the full assistance they need. Victims are extremely sensitive after a traumatic event, the slightest upheaval can send them back into relapse. If your sole goal and ambition is to make them resilient and stronger than what they fight, then it should be clear from the quality service you provide.

There is no shame in needing help and there is certainly no shame is expecting from professional support, the quality treatment that could ensure their full recovery.

Let us treat every person that needs support with dignity and the notion that they would like to get better, they just need help, guidance and support. In that, there should be no shame, stigma, discrimination or victimization (in an ideal world).

PFS sends you off to a week that we hope entreats you think outside the box and try to outdo your performance. You have much potential left in you to feel peaked. PFS’ Productivity tip for this week is: Remember to take breaks. Frequent breaks start the rejuvenation (recharging) process thus decreasing the risk of occupational burnout. The ideology is similar to the use of a smartphone. It has evolved to do more than it did 150 years ago. You will notice apps works best with power and the lower the battery, the slower some apps become and the Smart Manager calls for decrease of overall use to preserve whatever power is left.  Some of the apps in our smartphone (brain) includes, cognitive processes, thought, memory etc.; all will slow down the less power we have, if we don’t recharge.

Have a productive and refreshed week PFS family!!!





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