Happy Friday!!!

First Friday of October and PFS hopes it has caught you in high spirits. PFS welcomes and embraces, with you, the weekend that is ‘upon us’. This weekend, we encourage you to have fun and laughter (safely and responsibly) and do more of the things that perk your spirits, putting you in a refreshed frame of mind for the coming work week. (P.s. Monday is work).

Have a carrot this weekend. It is good for your eyesight (#winks).

And before you close down and shut down for the day, remember to plan your next week in advance, so you start your week focused.

Some wise words from Margaret Thatcher, from her life’s lessons.

As you enjoy this weekend, we encourage you to remember when send up a prayer of Thanksgiving, send too, a prayer of restoration to all lives, homes and towns that have been dismantled by Hurricane Matthew.

Have a wonderful weekend PFS family!!!



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