Partner with someone this weekend….

What does it mean to partner with someone? Search your circles and you are sure to find someone that needs a helping hand or can give you a helping hand. Anyone with whom you have a common goal or a common task to complete, is your partner. At this time much can be achieved through partnership, however, you must first acknowledge that this person is your partner and be willing to share the risks as well as the profits.                                    

You have a ‘Partner in Finance’ in PFS, has we have a common goal: to provide you with suitable, flexible and affordable loan solutions.

Happy Cyber Security Month!!! We are lauding FLOW (service provider) so far for having given tips on how to be Cyber Safe, in a day and age, where technology is increasing its importance and not just a passing phenomenon. Our Cyber tip for today, amidst the sea of sites and apps: 

Always protect your devices once you are online. Do not leave them idle and unattended. Most smart phones can be commanded to automatically lock after a set time has passed. You can set that time, as this ensures you are in full control of how your devices behaves in the cyber space. It is no excuse that you left your phone, computer or tablet unattended, when you find someone having used it.
Since PFS has been providing tips for all on National and International Days of Observation, and in particular, Breast Cancer Awareness, we always encourage you to get tested. Mammograms are feared as extremely painful, due to the compress procedure that it usually involves. You are all encouraged to be brave.
With no more further than good wishes, PFS hopes you make this Friday a good one and end it on a productive note.



PFS hopes you had a heroic weekend

For those of us who were not in attendance at the National Honours & Awards Ceremony 2016 and we just viewed from the comfort of home; we have Heroes Day celebrations to thank. For all the awardees, we say a big congratulations and that your work has not ended and you have much more in you. We all have much more in us.


Watching the day’s proceedings, one cannot help but be in awe, that there exists amongst us, people who believe they can make a difference and have sought to do so.


#CliftonHughes – Order of Distinction In The Rank Of Commander (CD) for outstanding service in Media and Communication.

#AdamStewart – Order of Distinction In The Rank Of Commander (CD) for outstanding contribution to Tourism and the Hotel Industry.

We truly hope that all of Jamaica has been inspired as we have been.

PFS hopes you have a productive and heroic week, and we will arm you with a productivity tip for this week: Ruthlessly block out distractions. Planning your work schedule and tasks are good, and it is also good to have a point of reference if you indeed get distracted. However, learning to block out distractions, can increase your productivity output. These distractions can be from within the workplace and those habits that you have (compulsively checking social media) etc. Distractions are different from taking breaks, as it is after you have focused on a single task until completion (or near it) that you take a break to recharge. A distraction would be stopping in the middle of that task. 

Dependent on how your brain works, persons may the price for distraction, it now takes more energy to regain the focus you had prior.

This productivity tip (as all others) are PFS’ way of endorsing that increased productivity can boost the economy. It does not take the economist or the accountant only, to do this. This is something that every citizen can do: take your job seriously, as it is a way of securing your income. When the culture as evolved that we are a more dedicated and productive people, it inspires more confidence in investor (both locally and internationally) and we all know that the country can use some strong and steady investment.

In continuing to observe Breast Cancer Awareness month: our interesting fact: Men can get Breast Cancer. Our preventative tip: Smoking increases your risk of Breast Cancer by 60%. Quit smoking!!!

Your partner in Finance sends you off to a week where you have the opportunity to do something heroic, as we too, do our part in being your financial heroes. This means we consistently improve our products and services to make your loan process as hassle free as possible.

Whatever sector you fall under, PFS has a loan product for you and your family. Remember, if we do not have a product designed with you in mind, we customize a loan product to suit your needs.

Have a blessed week PFS family!!!

Happy Friday!!!!

Isn’t it something to behold: how the days are just sprinting by?


Already we are in the 10th month of 2016. Our country is already revered for the speed of our sprinters. Couple years down that line, that time will be less and less, as our boys and girls get faster and faster. How is it possible?

Speaking of Sprinting, the Sprint King himself has endorsed for the ‘second time around’ the JN Foundation Heroes in Action Run, to take place in Trelawny. It is a good thing when those we look up to prove to us that they too are concerned with the social development of our country. Good Job JN Foundation!!! To the World Usain Bolt Foundation!!!

On a side note: what are your feeling regarding the millions to be spent erecting statutes of our most decorated athletes in the National Stadium?

Another matter we will need your opinion on is how you believe Domestic Violence affects our families and society as a whole. It is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and PFS is playing our part in the wheel. Domestic Violence takes many forms, intimidation, accusation, manipulation (emotional and financial). Any action that is intended to make the partner feel less than worthy and powerless in a relationship, is a form of abuse.

Did you know that more than 30% of murders are domestic in nature. It means that if we look out for the early signs, we can implement counter measures, that will stem the rise of disturbances and upheaval that displaces the most elemental unit of our society: the family.

 National Heroes is the coming Monday, and PFS will give you the review of the national awardees, next week.

On a lighter note: today is Friday and PFS is saying ‘wrap up your week up in fine style’ and unwind over the weekend. Remember to spend wisely and if you are participating in any social event, be vigilant of your surroundings and always secure a back-up plan.

Have a Happy Friday and weekend PFS family!!




A Proactive Thursday….

How long has it been, since we squinted and look, it’s Thursday already. It is fair to say that this week moved relatively fast, leading into an heroic weekend.

Our productivity tip for today is simple yet profound: Do the most important things first. Contrary to culture, Thursday, is an important day of the work week. It is not the day to leave things until Friday, which then means they do not get done until the start of the next week. Each work day comes with its unique set of tasks. If you have been taking our time management advice, you would see how scheduling impacts  your entire work week. This  sees no day without specific tasks, as you evenly distribute your tasks, according to your work pace and culture. Thursday is an effective to catch up on your secondary tasks.

Take it from the mogul behind the Ford brand ), revered amongst the sturdiest of vehicles. Built to suit any lifestyle. The industrialist and Founder of the Ford Motor Company, is telling each of us that all failures are learning opportunities.

Tomorrow is World Standards Day with the theme: Standards build Trust. Standards build more than trust: they build reliance and can cause any paradigm shift from what is right or wrong. PFS congratulates all the companies that have been ISO certified and at our nation level, we highlight the Bureau of Standards and the National Quality Awards ceremony held last evening at the Jamaica Pegasus. The environment would not have been anything less than perfect; as all in attendance had an appreciation for quality and do not support the notion of it being diminished in any product. In fact, as consumers, you are encouraged to  know the accepted standards. This ensures that you get quality for your hard earned money.

Promoting the highest quality standards is a movement PFS wholeheartedly endorses, as we too pride ourselves to ensure that at all times, our products and services are of quality and great value to each of our customers.

Use today, World Standards day, to set some standards in your life, evaluate the ones existing to see their effectiveness. We hope you have a productive Thursday; as it is not too late to set a standard for completing your tasks and professional goals.



Happy Mental Health Day!!!

Welcome to a new week PFS family!!! We hope you had a rejuvenating weekend and have now settled down (mentally) to take on this week’s tasks. We hope you have kept all our fellow neighbours (near and far) in your prayers of thanksgiving. We grieve the lives that have been lost to Hurricane Matthew’s (since recently dubbed Post-tropical cyclone) relentless poundings, but rejoice at all who still have breath in their bodies. 

There is no such thing as praying too much. Let us continue to pray for those who are still trying to recoup their losses and regain greater strength than they had before. We must get to a place where through empathy, we reach out to those in need.

What a way to start your new work week, as this: World Mental Health Day is today, commemorated around the world. This year’s theme surrounds psychological first aid, what it entails and those that usually the support group that assist victims of trauma and stress. Jamaica is fraught (as almost every country) with increasing stressors and traumatic events taking place, on an increased frequency that our people (sadly) have now accepted to be ‘normal’. Such notions as this, affects the quality support we provide to these victims, both at the primary and secondary level, as sufficient emphasis on care is not placed on the situations; and in some cases, the situation is made worst. 

Tip for teachers, social workers, counsellors, psychologists, police, nurses and all other support providers: desist blaming the victim. Once you place this blame squarely on the victim’s shoulders; a lot of messages are being sent: 1) you are apathetic; 2) you believe they deserve it and 3) you are not so invested in getting them the full assistance they need. Victims are extremely sensitive after a traumatic event, the slightest upheaval can send them back into relapse. If your sole goal and ambition is to make them resilient and stronger than what they fight, then it should be clear from the quality service you provide.

There is no shame in needing help and there is certainly no shame is expecting from professional support, the quality treatment that could ensure their full recovery.

Let us treat every person that needs support with dignity and the notion that they would like to get better, they just need help, guidance and support. In that, there should be no shame, stigma, discrimination or victimization (in an ideal world).

PFS sends you off to a week that we hope entreats you think outside the box and try to outdo your performance. You have much potential left in you to feel peaked. PFS’ Productivity tip for this week is: Remember to take breaks. Frequent breaks start the rejuvenation (recharging) process thus decreasing the risk of occupational burnout. The ideology is similar to the use of a smartphone. It has evolved to do more than it did 150 years ago. You will notice apps works best with power and the lower the battery, the slower some apps become and the Smart Manager calls for decrease of overall use to preserve whatever power is left.  Some of the apps in our smartphone (brain) includes, cognitive processes, thought, memory etc.; all will slow down the less power we have, if we don’t recharge.

Have a productive and refreshed week PFS family!!!




Happy Friday!!!

First Friday of October and PFS hopes it has caught you in high spirits. PFS welcomes and embraces, with you, the weekend that is ‘upon us’. This weekend, we encourage you to have fun and laughter (safely and responsibly) and do more of the things that perk your spirits, putting you in a refreshed frame of mind for the coming work week. (P.s. Monday is work).

Have a carrot this weekend. It is good for your eyesight (#winks).

And before you close down and shut down for the day, remember to plan your next week in advance, so you start your week focused.

Some wise words from Margaret Thatcher, from her life’s lessons.

As you enjoy this weekend, we encourage you to remember when send up a prayer of Thanksgiving, send too, a prayer of restoration to all lives, homes and towns that have been dismantled by Hurricane Matthew.

Have a wonderful weekend PFS family!!!


After the storm…………

Now, technically, Jamaica did not ‘get’ a storm (or hurricane) full hit. Except for the Eastern parishes that experienced the most rainfall and some sections of the corporate area. PFS welcomes you all to what we deem to be a short week indeed. We hope your productive stride was not severely ‘hit’ by the threat imposed by Hurricane Matthew.

This week’s inspirational quote comes from Dale Carnegie: “It is not what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”

PFS was impressed with the extensive coverage during the time Jamaica was under warning, by the island’s major TV stations.  We are happy, there were no reports of death and that majority of the citizens were prepared. We encourage that all citizens stay in a state of preparation; we are still in the hurricane season until November 30.  Thus far, we are happy that Jamaica has been able to recover quickly, from the halts that Hurricane Matthew imposed upon us.

To our brothers and sisters in Haiti and Cuba. We are deeply saddened by the damage Matthew has already caused and the lives it has already claimed. You remain in our prayers and we pray for a recovery that far exceeds history.

To all the teachers and aspiring teachers, PFS says Happy World Teachers’ Day!!!!  Dear Teachers: it is your day, your time to make your voice heard, for all to listen. Your day to say that you have made a lifetime’s worth of commitment to your profession, as you believe in the importance of a good education in securing your nation’s future. You are the molders of Jamaica’s young minds and you take you job seriously, remind us that teaching is an essential service, as without it, our future is directionless, a hotbed for chaos. PFS salutes all teachers for their commitment, passion and drive to the field. We couldn’t have made it this far without you all; you are Jamaica’s unsung heroes.

This year, UNESCO, calls on all countries, reminding them that the status of all Teachers needs to be improved. Improve the status of being a teacher, where it sees all Teachers getting an international level of mutual respect and appreciation regardless of their respective regions.

Also, October is the month of Observation for Domestic Violence Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness. Throughout the month, PFS will be bringing you the highlights, as we aim to keep you informed of National and International matters.

This is our midweek’s greeting and wishing you a blessed and productive week PFS family!!!