Goodbye September….

It is the final Monday of September, and PFS encourages you to wrap up your month in a bang: of accomplishments,both big and small. We start off your week with a productivity tip that has been overlooked since the emergence on smarter technology. Write down your daily, even hourly tasks, and you are training your brain to have a singular focus; much like the one needed to actually do the task. Writing tasks down also stimulates your memory. Of course, if you spend an entire day writing you get nothing done, but remember, your goal is focus and effective time management. Five minutes of writing is more productive than 5 minutes of sitting trying to remember what is what you had intended to do.

Write it down. The first step to make it a reality and something that you can work towards. See how this increases your productivity today and tell us about it!!!!

What is Maritime Week all about? It is about Maritime life dissected, and each year, the spotlight is shed on a specific sector. This year and throughout the entire week, the focus will be on the importance of shipping in Jamaica and what goals our country has for shipping.  We at PFS do not know all, so we encourage you to stay tuned either by Social Media or if you can stop by CMI and become informed. The umbrella organization is a division of the United Nations, which marked observance of the week starting Sunday, September 25.

September 29 is observed as World Maritime Day, at which point we can give highlights of how shipping affects the common man and what our roles are citizens look like.

We send you off to your week with wishes for high productivity levels and a sense of accomplishment on your part. It is for this reason, we have incorporated tips on how to end your work day on a positive & productive note, which is just as important as beginning your day on one. Tidy/ organize your work area (yes at the end of the day). It gives a feel of newness and freshness when you come in the next morning, putting your mind in the right place for work.

Have a blessed and productive week PFS family!!!


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