Happy Friday!!!!

After what has been a productive, yet compact week for most of us (special shout out to teachers, nurses, security forces, tourism industry workers- all of you that have to work beyond the regular 9-5. The work may seem endless, but you are building a country, an economy and a people; it will not happen in two shakes. PFS hopes despite the perpetual hectic days; that you are finding rewards, both individual and professional from your respective fields.

On the note of hectic work days that sometimes take the shape of extended work hours, PFS shares a self-care tip:  Go slow. Tune out of technology into your surroundings and comfort zone and try to reconnect. Try to reconnect to the basic things that used to awe you, dumbfound you and just strike you with its beauty.


Learn to factor moments like this into your time budget and they will become your slice of haven.

We also know it is the weekend right after pay-day for some people and we have a tip for you to encourage you to spend wisely. Whether or not it is payday, you must endeavour at all times to get the best out of your hard-earned money.  Also remember to have a list of what you need and to intend to buy, when you go shopping. Having an estimate cost helps, as you will only travel with a certain amount of cash. If you shop by card, your brain would have already assimilated the total you are to spend, so if you overspend, it comes with a prick of  your conscience. Decide if what you are over budgeting for is worth that prick. Always ask if the extra item you will purchase, over budget, is more important than all the needs your budget has to fill.

Picture says it all.

PFS also uses this forum to extend our deepest condolences to the family in grieving for former St. Georges College Football Captain – Dominic James. We are overwhelmed at the obvious out-pour of emotions from his school mates, all male. Dominic, as tragic as your death, it has achieved what has been suppressed indefinitely; males showing emotion. Though this had to happen in your passing, there couldn’t have been a more profound shift in the culture, of What has been indoctrinated in our males. This moment will stay with all your fellow school mates, whose lives you have touched and influenced. You were looked up to, a constant inspiration and many had confidence in you. You have achieved greatness in your young years. Rest in Peace young angel.

For his parents that are grieving, there is no text-book type formula to stop grieving. Accepting that he is gone will not mean there will not be a void in your mind, soul, brain; y our life, every time you think about him. PFS prays that God will continue to comfort you in His Heart open-wide to you, in this time. You are ever in our hearts. We hope God’s Love keeps you hopeful in the direst of times.

Well PFS family: in is on this sobering note we send you off into your weekends, and we implore you to stay sober throughout it. Have a blessed weekend family!!!


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