Happy Peace Day!!!!

It is International Day of Peace, all around the world. Each year, the UN and its affiliates call on us, its members to promote peace, in our families, our communities and our country on a whole. But do we need to be reminded of the importance of peace? Clearly we do as we are, as are many other countries, awashed with strife, conflict and social unrest.

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding.” Albert Einstein.

PFS reminds us all that, we must find less hurtful and destructing ways to settle our disputes. Some disputes and strains on society are as a result of difference in opinion, and one’s (or more) inability to accept difference in opinion. If we didn’t have difference in opinion, there would have been no need for Understanding. The Bible implores u to be understanding, as the Creator knew in molding us uniquely, it would come with variety/diversity. If there is no peace, it means understanding does not exist in our daily interaction with others and our environment.

Let us strive for agreement and mutual respect of difference in opinion.  Peace must also start from within, giving you a level of contentment and calm, especially in the midst of chaos and instability.

Take it from our friend here: the power of inner peace.

Wave your peace flag exceptionally high today and be proud!!!!

Have a peaceful day!!!


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