Weekend of Cleansing!!!

It is Friday!!! PFS embraces another Friday and we know you all are looking forward to a not so hectic weekend, but a relaxing and therapeutic one. We say therapeutic as PFS is encouraging you to take on some country-cleaning (i.e. house-cleaning on a large scale).

We wish for you to have a spectacular Friday and that you end your work week on a positive and productive note.

Today is Friday, which even though not a pay day for some, is still a day we Jamaicans ‘slacken-cash’. Though our Government and hired Economists believe Jamaica is not altogether worse off; this may not be a concept that is realistic for us, as the hard-working class that have to stick to a budget. We know Jamaicans love nice things and ever so often, we partake of activities meant to relax/ distract. PFS endorses this balancing act, however, we encourage you to do so with prudence. The dollar takes a lot to earn, let us not use it loosely. Our budget tip for today is: Control your debt. This practice engenders discipline and restraint. It is surprising to know that people borrow to take care of basic needs. This simply means a budget is non-existent. Always take care of necessities first, from your income. Once those are taken care of, what is left, can be used to spend on luxury and/or hobbies. 

Also a wise tip from Warren Buffett, to encourage wise money habits. Take it from him, he should know.

In global news………

Today is International Ozone Day, with the tagline “working towards reducing global warming…”

Some countries in the world have already begun feeling the pangs of emerging global warming, recording hottest temperatures and levels of humidity, resulting in death in those unfortunate instances. If we fail to protect our ozone layer, it will not be equipped to protect us; which we are now seeing (and feeling and sweating as a result of). Even for a tropical island, we have gotten increasingly more sun than the usual. The rate of advancement is slow, according to scientists, however the effect is exponential. Simply put, we cannot afford for it to get worst. 

September 17, is International Coastal Cleanup Day. All over the world, volunteers join forces and give their beaches and costs, a good clean. It is what PFS meant by a weekend of ‘cleansing’, as we encourage you to participate in this national effort to clear our beaches, rivers and reefs. On a side note, we highlight and encourage that better garbage disposal practices need to be adopted. Everything we do as an impact and it may not be seen right away. Any disintegration of our coasts come as a result of our beaches being a repository for human waste.

Practice effective Garbage Disposal practices and contact the Jamaica Environment Trust, if you wish to participate in this weekend’s project. Happy cleaning!!!!
PFS now sends you off on a high and energetic note. Have a great weekend PFS family!!!

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