A new season…

It is the start of a new season, one PFS encourages you to welcome with renewed enthusiasm and sense of purpose. Since school has reopened, the changes are obvious, on every level.

No longer do summer pedestrians have the luxury of choosing taxis, now they have to stand and wait for long periods of time, praying to see an empty taxi. What is it about the school season that sends traffic into a frenzy day-after-day.

Tip for Drivers: Please do not block the pedestrian crossings, especially since children now occupy the street is numbers. You are forcing them to go around you, which increases their danger to moving traffic. 

Tip for Parents: As much as you can, please ensure that your children do not go to school alone. Ideally, you should accompany them, however, should this be impossible, let them walk with friends or a trusted and responsible adult of yours. It is not safe for children to be alone on the roads.

We observe, in the belated sense, International Literacy Day (September 8)Jamaica played our part as a UN Member, in honouring the day for promoting, celebrating and encouraging the support of literacy, island wide.

PFS encourages you all to have a peaceful and productive week.



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