We need more Heart…

Yesterday, September 29, was World Heart Day. The focus was not on love; but how to ensure your heart becomes healthier and stays that way. Awareness of Cardiovascular Disease has come a long way, with yet a longer way to go. The bottom line: our lifestyle habits and practices help/hinder how efficiency our heart fuels our body. This organ, no more the size of a fist, is the store house for all the blood we need to function, in different concentrations, in different regions of the body. Talk about a tall order.  The World Heart Federation has tasked us to power our heart: a healthier diet, healthier drinking habits and a no-smoking pledge, all contribute to a healthier heart, and a reduction in the deaths caused by the world’s number one killer.

http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/health/Power-your-heart–power-your-life_75095 The WHF is convinced that once your heart is power, so will your life be.

Are you up for the task?

We send you into your weekends with this quote from Sir William Osler: “the best preparation for tomorrow is today’s work….”. We see this inspiration especially important due to the impending hurricane that is heading our way. PFS cannot stress enough how seriously every declared possible threat should be taken. It is the best way to ensure that lives are protected and as many assets as possible. Let not destruction greet us at our doors, because we did not prepare or we failed to prepare, despite being informed.From the Meteorological Service, the country should be alerted and start making the necessary preparations and contingency plans in place. Starting as Tropical Storm, Matthew is now a hurricane (a category 3, as today’s news shows). Has anyone felt like this fervid heat has been jacked up a notch? Anyone? It is being pondered by scientists, the correlation between the effects of global warming and the strength of a hurricane. All in well, this doesn’t bring good tidings to our country’s situation.

This about sums up PFS’ wishes for you this weekend. In a time like this, we encourage communities to work together and show more love for each other, so we all can survive.
Our spending this weekend is to purchase mostly (ideally, only) non-perishable food items, three (3) days worth for your family. Ideally, electricity should not be used during heavy rain/lightning etc, so to be on the safe side, stay away from purchasing anything that may have to be stored in the refrigerator.

If possible, have a power box, that can charge your essential communication devices (only) in the event of a power outage. If you can’t stretch that far, keep your phones fully charged and minimize its use to important communications to preserve the battery.

This is the weekend PFS wishes for you and your loved ones. God bless!!!

Goodbye September….

It is the final Monday of September, and PFS encourages you to wrap up your month in a bang: of accomplishments,both big and small. We start off your week with a productivity tip that has been overlooked since the emergence on smarter technology. Write down your daily, even hourly tasks, and you are training your brain to have a singular focus; much like the one needed to actually do the task. Writing tasks down also stimulates your memory. Of course, if you spend an entire day writing you get nothing done, but remember, your goal is focus and effective time management. Five minutes of writing is more productive than 5 minutes of sitting trying to remember what is what you had intended to do.

Write it down. The first step to make it a reality and something that you can work towards. See how this increases your productivity today and tell us about it!!!!

What is Maritime Week all about? It is about Maritime life dissected, and each year, the spotlight is shed on a specific sector. This year and throughout the entire week, the focus will be on the importance of shipping in Jamaica and what goals our country has for shipping.  We at PFS do not know all, so we encourage you to stay tuned either by Social Media or if you can stop by CMI and become informed. The umbrella organization is a division of the United Nations, which marked observance of the week starting Sunday, September 25.

September 29 is observed as World Maritime Day, at which point we can give highlights of how shipping affects the common man and what our roles are citizens look like.

We send you off to your week with wishes for high productivity levels and a sense of accomplishment on your part. It is for this reason, we have incorporated tips on how to end your work day on a positive & productive note, which is just as important as beginning your day on one. Tidy/ organize your work area (yes at the end of the day). It gives a feel of newness and freshness when you come in the next morning, putting your mind in the right place for work.

Have a blessed and productive week PFS family!!!

Happy Friday!!!!

After what has been a productive, yet compact week for most of us (special shout out to teachers, nurses, security forces, tourism industry workers- all of you that have to work beyond the regular 9-5. The work may seem endless, but you are building a country, an economy and a people; it will not happen in two shakes. PFS hopes despite the perpetual hectic days; that you are finding rewards, both individual and professional from your respective fields.

On the note of hectic work days that sometimes take the shape of extended work hours, PFS shares a self-care tip:  Go slow. Tune out of technology into your surroundings and comfort zone and try to reconnect. Try to reconnect to the basic things that used to awe you, dumbfound you and just strike you with its beauty.


Learn to factor moments like this into your time budget and they will become your slice of haven.

We also know it is the weekend right after pay-day for some people and we have a tip for you to encourage you to spend wisely. Whether or not it is payday, you must endeavour at all times to get the best out of your hard-earned money.  Also remember to have a list of what you need and to intend to buy, when you go shopping. Having an estimate cost helps, as you will only travel with a certain amount of cash. If you shop by card, your brain would have already assimilated the total you are to spend, so if you overspend, it comes with a prick of  your conscience. Decide if what you are over budgeting for is worth that prick. Always ask if the extra item you will purchase, over budget, is more important than all the needs your budget has to fill.

Picture says it all.

PFS also uses this forum to extend our deepest condolences to the family in grieving for former St. Georges College Football Captain – Dominic James. We are overwhelmed at the obvious out-pour of emotions from his school mates, all male. Dominic, as tragic as your death, it has achieved what has been suppressed indefinitely; males showing emotion. Though this had to happen in your passing, there couldn’t have been a more profound shift in the culture, of What has been indoctrinated in our males. This moment will stay with all your fellow school mates, whose lives you have touched and influenced. You were looked up to, a constant inspiration and many had confidence in you. You have achieved greatness in your young years. Rest in Peace young angel.

For his parents that are grieving, there is no text-book type formula to stop grieving. Accepting that he is gone will not mean there will not be a void in your mind, soul, brain; y our life, every time you think about him. PFS prays that God will continue to comfort you in His Heart open-wide to you, in this time. You are ever in our hearts. We hope God’s Love keeps you hopeful in the direst of times.

Well PFS family: in is on this sobering note we send you off into your weekends, and we implore you to stay sober throughout it. Have a blessed weekend family!!!

Happy Peace Day!!!!

It is International Day of Peace, all around the world. Each year, the UN and its affiliates call on us, its members to promote peace, in our families, our communities and our country on a whole. But do we need to be reminded of the importance of peace? Clearly we do as we are, as are many other countries, awashed with strife, conflict and social unrest.

“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding.” Albert Einstein.

PFS reminds us all that, we must find less hurtful and destructing ways to settle our disputes. Some disputes and strains on society are as a result of difference in opinion, and one’s (or more) inability to accept difference in opinion. If we didn’t have difference in opinion, there would have been no need for Understanding. The Bible implores u to be understanding, as the Creator knew in molding us uniquely, it would come with variety/diversity. If there is no peace, it means understanding does not exist in our daily interaction with others and our environment.

Let us strive for agreement and mutual respect of difference in opinion.  Peace must also start from within, giving you a level of contentment and calm, especially in the midst of chaos and instability.

Take it from our friend here: the power of inner peace.

Wave your peace flag exceptionally high today and be proud!!!!

Have a peaceful day!!!

Target Tuesdays

It is the second work day of this week, and by now you would have gotten your stride and channeled your focus on tasks in order of priority. Dependent on the nature of your job (and no one should know your job more than you do….) you may find that you work best at a certain time. 

Using all your senses in any experience is one way to improve the accuracy of memory retention, it also keeps the mind sharp. Target your most difficult tasks at the point where your mind is most open and ready to explore answers and solutions. A way to improve performance noticeably, is to effectively prioritize your brain use, and how much energy you expend on different tasks.

At the moment throughout the day when your mind is at its sharpest; target those tasks that are the hardest. Complete these tasks and this boosts your self confidence whilst putting your mind at ease.

Our School season tip is: Teach your children how to appreciate money. When children get the basic concept of what it takes to get money ( the hard work and sacrifices of Mommy and Daddy), then they will become more thoughtful spenders. It is the prime time to introduce them to healthy money practices. Practice becomes permanent. When they get older this money education will have stayed with them.

PFS shares the sentiments that #LifeHack have made available for all to see. We believe (and have said it on numerous occasions) that once you know what is really important in your life, then you have plotted your life’s course and know what you need to do to live a life of fulfillment.

Have a blessed week PFS family!!!!


Weekend of Cleansing!!!

It is Friday!!! PFS embraces another Friday and we know you all are looking forward to a not so hectic weekend, but a relaxing and therapeutic one. We say therapeutic as PFS is encouraging you to take on some country-cleaning (i.e. house-cleaning on a large scale).

We wish for you to have a spectacular Friday and that you end your work week on a positive and productive note.

Today is Friday, which even though not a pay day for some, is still a day we Jamaicans ‘slacken-cash’. Though our Government and hired Economists believe Jamaica is not altogether worse off; this may not be a concept that is realistic for us, as the hard-working class that have to stick to a budget. We know Jamaicans love nice things and ever so often, we partake of activities meant to relax/ distract. PFS endorses this balancing act, however, we encourage you to do so with prudence. The dollar takes a lot to earn, let us not use it loosely. Our budget tip for today is: Control your debt. This practice engenders discipline and restraint. It is surprising to know that people borrow to take care of basic needs. This simply means a budget is non-existent. Always take care of necessities first, from your income. Once those are taken care of, what is left, can be used to spend on luxury and/or hobbies. 

Also a wise tip from Warren Buffett, to encourage wise money habits. Take it from him, he should know.

In global news………

Today is International Ozone Day, with the tagline “working towards reducing global warming…”

Some countries in the world have already begun feeling the pangs of emerging global warming, recording hottest temperatures and levels of humidity, resulting in death in those unfortunate instances. If we fail to protect our ozone layer, it will not be equipped to protect us; which we are now seeing (and feeling and sweating as a result of). Even for a tropical island, we have gotten increasingly more sun than the usual. The rate of advancement is slow, according to scientists, however the effect is exponential. Simply put, we cannot afford for it to get worst. 

September 17, is International Coastal Cleanup Day. All over the world, volunteers join forces and give their beaches and costs, a good clean. It is what PFS meant by a weekend of ‘cleansing’, as we encourage you to participate in this national effort to clear our beaches, rivers and reefs. On a side note, we highlight and encourage that better garbage disposal practices need to be adopted. Everything we do as an impact and it may not be seen right away. Any disintegration of our coasts come as a result of our beaches being a repository for human waste.

Practice effective Garbage Disposal practices and contact the Jamaica Environment Trust, if you wish to participate in this weekend’s project. Happy cleaning!!!!
PFS now sends you off on a high and energetic note. Have a great weekend PFS family!!!

A new season…

It is the start of a new season, one PFS encourages you to welcome with renewed enthusiasm and sense of purpose. Since school has reopened, the changes are obvious, on every level.

No longer do summer pedestrians have the luxury of choosing taxis, now they have to stand and wait for long periods of time, praying to see an empty taxi. What is it about the school season that sends traffic into a frenzy day-after-day.

Tip for Drivers: Please do not block the pedestrian crossings, especially since children now occupy the street is numbers. You are forcing them to go around you, which increases their danger to moving traffic. 

Tip for Parents: As much as you can, please ensure that your children do not go to school alone. Ideally, you should accompany them, however, should this be impossible, let them walk with friends or a trusted and responsible adult of yours. It is not safe for children to be alone on the roads.

We observe, in the belated sense, International Literacy Day (September 8)Jamaica played our part as a UN Member, in honouring the day for promoting, celebrating and encouraging the support of literacy, island wide.

PFS encourages you all to have a peaceful and productive week.