You can weather any storm…..

Such a wonder to wake up to the sounds of lovely showers; but only to remember these showers are they precursor to an impending Tropical Storm, a storm that has sent our tropical island in a flurry to prepare for our Meteorological experts are saying may hit our island between today and tomorrow.

weather watch
Throughout June, PFS would have been issuing various Hurricane preparedness tips. Whilst this is not yet a hurricane, we can expect storm like weather. Moreover, preparedness goes for any emergency. Stay tuned to your local news stations to know what is happening.

Storm Watch has now been upgraded to Warning. It is clear by indications of the dark skies and wind, that the island should brace itself for the rains and winds that will come. Watch out for low-lying areas that are prone to flooding and in case you need to evacuate your area, find out where the nearest shelter is.

Emergecny Kit
We hope you would have been compiling some of the items for your emergency kit, especially with the expected power cut that JPS has cautioned us about.

It is not too late to stock up on the important items before the expected torrential rains begin and we cannot go out. 

Storm Safety
A safety tip for you and your family during the stormy season: try to minimise (cease altogether if possible) the use of electric equipment. If there are downed power lines in your area, stay away from them. 

The Almighty has given us all wisdom. It is this wisdom that leads us to be prudent in our safety. It is important to be prepared. Prepare as much as you can and leave the rest to the Almighty, whilst you pray for the best.

PFS has all our family and friends in our prayers. We pray for minimum damages and losses, but more importantly, minimum casualties. You can weather this storm, stay ‘Prayed up”!!!


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