How does 54 feel so far???

PFS welcomes all Jamaicans to the year of 54. We celebrated the milestone on Saturday in the good ole’ Jamaican way: we showcased our many talents through the yearly host of the Grand Gala, where our country showcases it finest and this year we are exceptionally gifted with our Olympic team at Rio.

How does 54 feel? We draw on the adage that says, the older we become the wiser we should become (paraphrased)How wise do you believe Jamaica is for 54? Whatever your answer is, we encourage ALL to remain hopeful for our country, as it is the only way we will continue to grow as a people. Through hope will we do what needs to be done, even if it takes a sacrifice. As a young country, we have much to be proud of and celebrate.

Jamaica 54
For those who were at Grand Gala or watched it from one of the big screens placed all over the country; PFS hopes you celebrated together and felt alright with each other.

It is a new year. We are 54 (we are still young) and we have much more potential left in us to achieve, advance and grow. Let us  get together and stay together.

To our Olympic Team representing our 54 year old country in Rio de Janeiro, PFS says this is one more hallmark of greatness that we can proudly celebrate.

Rio 2016
To all our athletes (whatever category you fall in) PFS is proud of you and we are humbled by your acts of bravery, selflessness and sacrifice. By sticking to your dreams you have become beacons for many Jamaicans, all over the world.

PFS sends you off into your week on a high and a positive note. Being a  Jamaican is not just a nationality, but an experience, a philosophy. Be a Jamaican. Someone people look to in pure awe as you set out to conquer the things no one has ever thought to conquer. Let your passion show. We leave you with this quote for the week: “Dare to be what you are, and learn to resign with good grace all that you are not and believe in your own individuality.” (Henry-Frederic Amiel)

Productive rather than busy
The goal is focus and productivity not chaos.

Have a blessed week family!!!!


You can weather any storm…..

Such a wonder to wake up to the sounds of lovely showers; but only to remember these showers are they precursor to an impending Tropical Storm, a storm that has sent our tropical island in a flurry to prepare for our Meteorological experts are saying may hit our island between today and tomorrow.

weather watch
Throughout June, PFS would have been issuing various Hurricane preparedness tips. Whilst this is not yet a hurricane, we can expect storm like weather. Moreover, preparedness goes for any emergency. Stay tuned to your local news stations to know what is happening.

Storm Watch has now been upgraded to Warning. It is clear by indications of the dark skies and wind, that the island should brace itself for the rains and winds that will come. Watch out for low-lying areas that are prone to flooding and in case you need to evacuate your area, find out where the nearest shelter is.

Emergecny Kit
We hope you would have been compiling some of the items for your emergency kit, especially with the expected power cut that JPS has cautioned us about.

It is not too late to stock up on the important items before the expected torrential rains begin and we cannot go out. 

Storm Safety
A safety tip for you and your family during the stormy season: try to minimise (cease altogether if possible) the use of electric equipment. If there are downed power lines in your area, stay away from them. 

The Almighty has given us all wisdom. It is this wisdom that leads us to be prudent in our safety. It is important to be prepared. Prepare as much as you can and leave the rest to the Almighty, whilst you pray for the best.

PFS has all our family and friends in our prayers. We pray for minimum damages and losses, but more importantly, minimum casualties. You can weather this storm, stay ‘Prayed up”!!!