Happy Friday & Pre-Emancipation….

It is the last Friday in July (last official workday) for most of us and PFS celebrates with you all your achievements and accomplishments for this month. We congratulate you on having gone out boldly as we had encouraged, thus making strides in conquering your fears. 

Our PFS Motivation quote for today into your extended weekend, comes from Swami Sivananda: “Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” This means for those of us who have been conquering our own fears little by little have been paving a path for success. According to this quote, once you put all of you into it, you have achieved success. This is the kind of success that is not dictated by the terms of Society, but by the peace of mind, heart, soul and spirit. 

Peaceful weekend of July
PFS says: even if no one notices, continue to put your ALL in everything that you do. Have a peaceful weekend Family!!!

With Emancipation around the corner, PFS would like to take your memories, back to History class, when you were told, ‘at one point, Emancipation celebration was replaced by Independence celebration in 1962,  then re instituted as the official public holiday it was, in 1997. It was then, that we came to have these 2 official public holidays. 

Happy Emancipation when it comes Beautiful Jamaica
Happy Emancipation when it comes beautiful Jamaica!!! To our every citizen: Have a patriotic weekend.

To all Parents, amidst the upcoming celebrations, we encourage you to keep in mind the importance of being fully prepared for Back-to-School. Try not to indulge in impulsive spending or over-spending. Budget, budget, budget, from now to avoid the rush and pressure of seeing time getting closer and you don’t feel as prepared as you should feel.

Your investment in your child’s education safeguard their future as well as the future of your country. Financial matters that directly relate to your child’s education should be taken very seriously. PFS takes it just as seriously as you do and we are here to help you work through the stress and anxieties that heighten this time of year.




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