PFS has you covered…

It is now afternoon on the island and the sun is resiliently shining through the partly cloudy skies. PFS welcomes you to another week and the last Monday in July. It seems as though it was just yesterday that we welcomed July and now we are so close to saying good-bye. #How time flies.

Singing in the Rain with Oliver Ruuger Umbrella Collection
Speaking of how time flies, PFS has though ahead and is now fully positioned to meet your imminent needs, as we encourage all parents to start shopping for Back to School. If yo are already feeling the pangs of anxiety and how-will-Is, PFS is here to offer you financial support and encouragement. We’ve got you covered.
PFS’ loan products have always been flexible and needs-based. Simply put, whatever your need, we tailor a product for you. All our customers know they can just walk in and tell of their needs and we tailor to suit their budget and satisfy that need.

In the same breath, we remind and encourage that you be frugal in your pending on extra-curricular and fun activities, as back to school is a month away, (and we both know how fast a month expires). Soon it may be August month end and you still do not have all you need for your little precious gems to start their new school year. Remember it never hurts to plan ahead and it only hurts to procrastinate, if it could have been prevented.

PFS’ Tip for Back to School as it gets closer to August: closer to the last week in August or even before (if you are so inclined), you may want to rein in the kids and re-establish their school schedule and how their days are structured. This way, by the time school reopens, they would be in the frame of mind for school, rather than spending a few weeks after school reopens to adjust themselves to this schedule. Using this tip, helps you to decrease the stress and anxiety, that almost every parent can attest to, when back to school is getting closer and you wonder where the time went and how you got caught up in the rush…… As we say, stress and anxiety. Start reducing that stress and anxiety today, by planning ahead.

Remember another way to plan, other than to know what your children will need, is to know what financial resources you have and/or can access. Discover from now how much you would borrow and start sourcing your financial partner. Contact PFS today and discover how we can help you to relieve the back-to-school-stress.

Have a Blessed, Productive and Purposeful week PFS family!!!




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