Happy Nelson Mandela Monday!!!

It is a sunny Monday morning with a few clouds lingering still and PFS welcomes you to another week, we hope you had a peaceful weekend, and that this week will be one of triumphs and achievements. We hope you have been actively combating your Monday-blues (for those that are inflicted), and that overtime  you have been seeing the wealth and opportunities that lay behind capitalizing on a Monday. We urge you to have a positive outlook towards your work week, the outcomes of your respective tasks and all the peripherals. A positive attitude makes all the difference, and we urge you to reap the benefits of a positive attitude, starting today.

For our PFS inspires quote today, we will stay in tuned with the Nelson Mandela themed celebrations taking place today, that also takes place each year on July 18, all over the world. Did we forget to mention today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday as well? We invite all to ruminate on the insight provided by this powerful man, when he said: “I learnt that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Other side of fear
There is much power to be attained when you overcome your fears. You overcome through action. Then you realize that nothing else can hold you back or stop you and your potential is endless. What fears are you battling today???

Inspiring change does not come through intelligent and aloof discourses on its own, it needs to be accompanied by “roll up your sleeves action.”  Which everyone must be prepared to do, if they really want to see a change. What can we change in our society? What would we like to change??? 

Take Action
Take Action means be the change. When we become the change we want to see, then others will be inspired through self-introspection, to follow suit.

Firstly, any change as to occur intrinsically, as though it is a better pill to swallow, we are the ones that are responsible both for the good and the bad that is happening. We have to start within us, the change has to first come from us, so we can inspire it in others.

Mahatma Ghandi
PFS encourages us all to start introspecting and see how we first can evolve to be a part of that movement of transformation that we believe our world needs. And yes, today is the day for greats….

With so much inspiration from the greats, PFS hopes it infuses the positivity that lays within all of us. PFS charges you this week, to do what you wish, even what you fear, especially if your goal is to bring about a change. There are many societal issues that our country faces, and us as common man may be incensed at the consistency in the atrocities being committed. Let us realize as common man, that we have much power, both individually and collectively, and let us wield this weapon of power to combat the forces of doom that seems to have deeply penetrated our country. We have to do today, what we want to see tomorrow.

Focus on these verbs for this week, Active, Brave and Positive and see the results. Go forth and triumph over this week PFS family!!!



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