Have a peaceful weekend PFS Family….

It is with a heavy heart that PFS says goodbye to you for this week (#smiles). We hope your week was one filled with the small achievements, that you can revel in and be motivated by for subsequent tasks. Each small victory and achievement counts.  We send you off into the weekend with Leah LaBelle‘s few words that she thought to share with you: “Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong, courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to.” PFS adds that this work should be honest work; collectively rewarding work that makes you look back in awe at your resources having impact you and others. We too belief, we can all do what we put our minds to, especially if it is what the Father commands: love all, judge no one and forgive everyone.

Leah also encourages you to be strong and courageous. This is what it means to be courageous……
you are in our prayers
PFS also encourages our entire family to keep in the forefront of their minds this weekend, those who are grieving, hurting, in shock and traumatized. We pray that you remember them in your relaxed moments, and that your heart reaches out to touch theirs and offer some comfort, When we pray this weekend, let us ALL say a special prayer for those who do not have the strength and courage to even live today, that the Almighty be their cavalry, refuge and resting place.

We see the surgence of accidents and deaths, and one may wonder how the country will recover and continue to survive.  It will require gigantic amounts of courage and strength. It starts with finding the courage in each of us to start (continue) doing what is right. That way we can never go wrong and we have to do stay courageous, despite our many fears (fears which we do not in anyway discount, but neither will we declare or encourage you to declare them unbreakable).

Have a blessed weekend
Enjoy the days PFS family!!!





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