Are you lifting someone else’s spirit today???

It is officially the second Wednesday in July and PFS welcomes you to it; with sunny skies and a brightness that makes one want to hope for the best and work for the best. We say warm welcome to family near and far, and if you have celebrated your birthday already (we say #Happy Belated Birthday!!!) or it is upcoming, we say “Happy Birthday!!!” when it comes.

We are mid-week and PFS hopes your week so far has been an energy-focused one with specific goals and objectives to be achieved, and that you have been rigorously charting your success and achievements. Today PFS leaves this quote with you from renowned author, Dodinsky: “To strengthen the muscles of your heart, the best exercise is lifting someone’s spirit whenever you can.” 

To Listen Well
Be an available ear to someone is one of lifting their spirit. By simply and actively listening to what is being (not necessarily giving a feedback) tells the person you care about what is happening to them and in extension, what they have to say about it.

Actively listening, requires that selfless act, of tuning out both internal noises (your own thoughts etc) and external noises, to really endeavour to understand what someone says (if you have this focus, it will show) and makes this person more encouraged to talk, because you care. It is a highly involved process. How can you listen more to someone today???

Monday of past, July 11, was the day and date annually observed as World Population Day, observed each year to focus on various issues that affect the health, wealth and advancement of our planet. This year’s theme is encouraging all of our population to directly & indirectly invest in equal opportunities being presented for our young girls.Many are exploited, marginalized and victims of harsh and inhumane traditional practices. Tradition, does not necessarily mean something entrenched; it can simply be a mindset that we have, in Jamaica, that young girls should not aspire to educational and careers, butt o become mothers as soon as (sometimes, even before) they reach child bearing age. Then there is the age old gender-based violence and prejudices that exist in our society. Our girls and women are the key to the growth of our population, once they are psychologically, emotionally and in some cases, financially ready. They deserve that equal chance. 

For this year, the UN is encouraging everyone to invest in a young girl, it can just be simple but heartfelt encouragement that you can extend, please do so.

We say a special Happy Belated Birthday!!! to Minister Marion Hall (July 12) and today is the birthday of Old Harbour Footballer (July 13) who represents Jamdown over there in Cincinnati. We hope you had a memorable day and continue to have a memorable one.

Have a blessed mid-week PFS Family and stay tuned!!!


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