Happy Friday & Pre-Emancipation….

It is the last Friday in July (last official workday) for most of us and PFS celebrates with you all your achievements and accomplishments for this month. We congratulate you on having gone out boldly as we had encouraged, thus making strides in conquering your fears. 

Our PFS Motivation quote for today into your extended weekend, comes from Swami Sivananda: “Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” This means for those of us who have been conquering our own fears little by little have been paving a path for success. According to this quote, once you put all of you into it, you have achieved success. This is the kind of success that is not dictated by the terms of Society, but by the peace of mind, heart, soul and spirit. 

Peaceful weekend of July
PFS says: even if no one notices, continue to put your ALL in everything that you do. Have a peaceful weekend Family!!!

With Emancipation around the corner, PFS would like to take your memories, back to History class, when you were told, ‘at one point, Emancipation celebration was replaced by Independence celebration in 1962,  then re instituted as the official public holiday it was, in 1997. It was then, that we came to have these 2 official public holidays. 

Happy Emancipation when it comes Beautiful Jamaica
Happy Emancipation when it comes beautiful Jamaica!!! To our every citizen: Have a patriotic weekend.

To all Parents, amidst the upcoming celebrations, we encourage you to keep in mind the importance of being fully prepared for Back-to-School. Try not to indulge in impulsive spending or over-spending. Budget, budget, budget, from now to avoid the rush and pressure of seeing time getting closer and you don’t feel as prepared as you should feel.

Your investment in your child’s education safeguard their future as well as the future of your country. Financial matters that directly relate to your child’s education should be taken very seriously. PFS takes it just as seriously as you do and we are here to help you work through the stress and anxieties that heighten this time of year.




PFS has you covered…

It is now afternoon on the island and the sun is resiliently shining through the partly cloudy skies. PFS welcomes you to another week and the last Monday in July. It seems as though it was just yesterday that we welcomed July and now we are so close to saying good-bye. #How time flies.

Singing in the Rain with Oliver Ruuger Umbrella Collection
Speaking of how time flies, PFS has though ahead and is now fully positioned to meet your imminent needs, as we encourage all parents to start shopping for Back to School. If yo are already feeling the pangs of anxiety and how-will-Is, PFS is here to offer you financial support and encouragement. We’ve got you covered.
PFS’ loan products have always been flexible and needs-based. Simply put, whatever your need, we tailor a product for you. All our customers know they can just walk in and tell of their needs and we tailor to suit their budget and satisfy that need.

In the same breath, we remind and encourage that you be frugal in your pending on extra-curricular and fun activities, as back to school is a month away, (and we both know how fast a month expires). Soon it may be August month end and you still do not have all you need for your little precious gems to start their new school year. Remember it never hurts to plan ahead and it only hurts to procrastinate, if it could have been prevented.

PFS’ Tip for Back to School as it gets closer to August: closer to the last week in August or even before (if you are so inclined), you may want to rein in the kids and re-establish their school schedule and how their days are structured. This way, by the time school reopens, they would be in the frame of mind for school, rather than spending a few weeks after school reopens to adjust themselves to this schedule. Using this tip, helps you to decrease the stress and anxiety, that almost every parent can attest to, when back to school is getting closer and you wonder where the time went and how you got caught up in the rush…… As we say, stress and anxiety. Start reducing that stress and anxiety today, by planning ahead.

Remember another way to plan, other than to know what your children will need, is to know what financial resources you have and/or can access. Discover from now how much you would borrow and start sourcing your financial partner. Contact PFS today and discover how we can help you to relieve the back-to-school-stress.

Have a Blessed, Productive and Purposeful week PFS family!!!



Happy Nelson Mandela Monday!!!

It is a sunny Monday morning with a few clouds lingering still and PFS welcomes you to another week, we hope you had a peaceful weekend, and that this week will be one of triumphs and achievements. We hope you have been actively combating your Monday-blues (for those that are inflicted), and that overtime  you have been seeing the wealth and opportunities that lay behind capitalizing on a Monday. We urge you to have a positive outlook towards your work week, the outcomes of your respective tasks and all the peripherals. A positive attitude makes all the difference, and we urge you to reap the benefits of a positive attitude, starting today.

For our PFS inspires quote today, we will stay in tuned with the Nelson Mandela themed celebrations taking place today, that also takes place each year on July 18, all over the world. Did we forget to mention today is Nelson Mandela’s birthday as well? We invite all to ruminate on the insight provided by this powerful man, when he said: “I learnt that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Other side of fear
There is much power to be attained when you overcome your fears. You overcome through action. Then you realize that nothing else can hold you back or stop you and your potential is endless. What fears are you battling today???

Inspiring change does not come through intelligent and aloof discourses on its own, it needs to be accompanied by “roll up your sleeves action.”  Which everyone must be prepared to do, if they really want to see a change. What can we change in our society? What would we like to change??? 

Take Action
Take Action means be the change. When we become the change we want to see, then others will be inspired through self-introspection, to follow suit.

Firstly, any change as to occur intrinsically, as though it is a better pill to swallow, we are the ones that are responsible both for the good and the bad that is happening. We have to start within us, the change has to first come from us, so we can inspire it in others.

Mahatma Ghandi
PFS encourages us all to start introspecting and see how we first can evolve to be a part of that movement of transformation that we believe our world needs. And yes, today is the day for greats….

With so much inspiration from the greats, PFS hopes it infuses the positivity that lays within all of us. PFS charges you this week, to do what you wish, even what you fear, especially if your goal is to bring about a change. There are many societal issues that our country faces, and us as common man may be incensed at the consistency in the atrocities being committed. Let us realize as common man, that we have much power, both individually and collectively, and let us wield this weapon of power to combat the forces of doom that seems to have deeply penetrated our country. We have to do today, what we want to see tomorrow.

Focus on these verbs for this week, Active, Brave and Positive and see the results. Go forth and triumph over this week PFS family!!!


Have a peaceful weekend PFS Family….

It is with a heavy heart that PFS says goodbye to you for this week (#smiles). We hope your week was one filled with the small achievements, that you can revel in and be motivated by for subsequent tasks. Each small victory and achievement counts.  We send you off into the weekend with Leah LaBelle‘s few words that she thought to share with you: “Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong, courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to.” PFS adds that this work should be honest work; collectively rewarding work that makes you look back in awe at your resources having impact you and others. We too belief, we can all do what we put our minds to, especially if it is what the Father commands: love all, judge no one and forgive everyone.

Leah also encourages you to be strong and courageous. This is what it means to be courageous……
you are in our prayers
PFS also encourages our entire family to keep in the forefront of their minds this weekend, those who are grieving, hurting, in shock and traumatized. We pray that you remember them in your relaxed moments, and that your heart reaches out to touch theirs and offer some comfort, When we pray this weekend, let us ALL say a special prayer for those who do not have the strength and courage to even live today, that the Almighty be their cavalry, refuge and resting place.

We see the surgence of accidents and deaths, and one may wonder how the country will recover and continue to survive.  It will require gigantic amounts of courage and strength. It starts with finding the courage in each of us to start (continue) doing what is right. That way we can never go wrong and we have to do stay courageous, despite our many fears (fears which we do not in anyway discount, but neither will we declare or encourage you to declare them unbreakable).

Have a blessed weekend
Enjoy the days PFS family!!!




Are you lifting someone else’s spirit today???

It is officially the second Wednesday in July and PFS welcomes you to it; with sunny skies and a brightness that makes one want to hope for the best and work for the best. We say warm welcome to family near and far, and if you have celebrated your birthday already (we say #Happy Belated Birthday!!!) or it is upcoming, we say “Happy Birthday!!!” when it comes.

We are mid-week and PFS hopes your week so far has been an energy-focused one with specific goals and objectives to be achieved, and that you have been rigorously charting your success and achievements. Today PFS leaves this quote with you from renowned author, Dodinsky: “To strengthen the muscles of your heart, the best exercise is lifting someone’s spirit whenever you can.” 

To Listen Well
Be an available ear to someone is one of lifting their spirit. By simply and actively listening to what is being (not necessarily giving a feedback) tells the person you care about what is happening to them and in extension, what they have to say about it.

Actively listening, requires that selfless act, of tuning out both internal noises (your own thoughts etc) and external noises, to really endeavour to understand what someone says (if you have this focus, it will show) and makes this person more encouraged to talk, because you care. It is a highly involved process. How can you listen more to someone today???

Monday of past, July 11, was the day and date annually observed as World Population Day, observed each year to focus on various issues that affect the health, wealth and advancement of our planet. This year’s theme is encouraging all of our population to directly & indirectly invest in equal opportunities being presented for our young girls.Many are exploited, marginalized and victims of harsh and inhumane traditional practices. Tradition, does not necessarily mean something entrenched; it can simply be a mindset that we have, in Jamaica, that young girls should not aspire to educational and careers, butt o become mothers as soon as (sometimes, even before) they reach child bearing age. Then there is the age old gender-based violence and prejudices that exist in our society. Our girls and women are the key to the growth of our population, once they are psychologically, emotionally and in some cases, financially ready. They deserve that equal chance. 

For this year, the UN is encouraging everyone to invest in a young girl, it can just be simple but heartfelt encouragement that you can extend, please do so.

We say a special Happy Belated Birthday!!! to Minister Marion Hall (July 12) and today is the birthday of Old Harbour Footballer (July 13) who represents Jamdown over there in Cincinnati. We hope you had a memorable day and continue to have a memorable one.

Have a blessed mid-week PFS Family and stay tuned!!!