Our Country needs Harmony…..

Welcome to the final few days of June, PFS family; soon enough we will be bracing ourselves for a new month and all it has to offer. Soon enough too, we would have completed a half of 2016, and at this point PFS impresses upon you  to ruminate on how this time passed as been and how much progress you have been making. Remember, throughout the months, PFS would have been reminding you to put effort into ticking off your small victories. Now look at all your small victories, added up for 6 months….. They don’t look so small and insignificant now, do they???

PFS is here to welcome the second half of the year with you and we further encourage you to embrace opportunities and even the challenges and as we encourage you to chase your dreams, we leave you with our last quote for June from Mahatma Gandhi: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do, are in harmony.”

welcome to harmony
Let your actions be in Harmony, and embark on a journey to Happiness.

As we close the first half of the year, in what we hope is fine style and on a high note for everyone, we encourage you to look back at the various Observation Days (locally and internationally) that were highlighted, special loan promotions, customer support initiatives, provided productivity tips, health tips, safety & security tips, inspiring quotes and we celebrated the arrival of each and every weekend (#smiles).

Our Disaster Preparedness Tip for today is: “Find out how you can help your community during a disaster. You can confer with community members on a disaster preparedness plan and in the same breath encourage all to learn even basic emergency skills.” Nothing too fancy and official, you can use the usual community gatherings to discuss something as important as disaster preparedness. If it affects one, it can affect ALL. And ALL should be in a position of willingness to help EACH OTHER, in and out of a disaster.

PFS continues to urge all to be more careful, courteous and respectful on the road. This amount of road deaths, not injuries to recover from, but deaths!! It is unacceptable. Poor use of the roads is robbing people of their lives and causing grief to their families. All of us need to understand that as road users, we all have a responsibility, and each accident, every plays a part and the opportunity is there for ALL to have acted differently.  Let’s not lose any more lives.Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, truckers, cart men; you all (WE ALL) need to learn to be more conscientious on our roads. Others have paid for various mistakes with their lives; do we want the same thing for our selves and our families??? If not, treat every road user like your loved one, protect them, be kind to them and look out for them.

Share the Road
PFS discourages all form of poor road usage.

On a cautionary, side note: PFS encourages all parents to duly warn your children about taking illegally operated taxis. We will certainly not stereotype all illegally operating taxis, as those with the sole intent of earning for their families, may be working towards being legal. We cannot specifically say. What we can say is that the risk of your child’s life is noticeably higher when they take ah illegally operated taxi. It is sad, that as parents we have to be warning our children to be wary of these predators masked as protectors. Whatever happened to “every child is my child”?

PFS says goodbye to this half of the year. We will see you on the next half come this Friday, with more of what we do at our blogs and some surprises overtime. To all those that celebrate their birthdays today and tomorrow, PFS wishes you every blessing and favour. 

For all the June birthday men/women/children, this beautiful gem, the Moonstone, is another of the precious gems given to your month. Elegant, beautiful, endurable describe this gem and also the gem in you!!! See you on the other half of 2016 !!!

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