Worry Less…….

Today is a new day, bringing its own individual wonder. PFS encourages you to continually unburden yourself of the stresses of yesterday and look to today with hope in your heart. Identify the things you have control over and what you don’t, act accordingly and you will worry less. Today’s inspirational quote is is from Leo Buscaglia:” Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow. It only saps today of its joy.”

On a bright and cheerful note, PFS says Happy Belated United Nations Public Service Day, to the Public Servants of Jamaica!!! As a UN member, Jamaica observes the day by focusing on its own Public Sector and congratulates the employees. An important part of the day’s observation and activities, is to inspire confidence in the population’s mind of the Public Sector’s various roles and effectiveness, as well as make Public Service an attractive option for young people, to consider joining the service instead of running to another country at the first opportunity they get, especially if their passion very well lies in their own country.

Raise your hands-young people-if your biggest dream has been to serve your country….

Ok. If your hand is raise, keep it in the air, if you still want to serve your country……

Public Service
PFS salutes all Public Servants, the back bones, of the government, and pleads that Public Service as less to do with specific political aspirations but the overall smooth governance of the country.

As you look towards the weekend PFS hopes you will ruminate on our encouragement to cease worrying, especially if it breaks your spark, motivation, drive and focus.

It’s the same way we will say to you, worry not over any disaster (as you don’t control them) but do what you can to guard yourselves against their destructive powers. For our Disaster Preparedness Tip for this week, you are encouraged “to prepare an emergency kit.” Every home should have one(ideally all year round). But if you don’t have any, pending disaster (or being in the disaster season) should be your prime motivator to prepare one.

Emergecny Kit
How uncomplicated is this?

This Sunday, June 26, will be observed as the International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking.The important thing to note is that Drug Abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of where they are. As a country, Jamaica ought not to separate ourselves from the cry, as it has adverse repercussions for us, even if we fool ourselves into thinking we do not have that problem here. Even if it means that we partner to raise awareness and lobby the importance of controlled and monitored drug use, we can do something. 

On this day, too, we can all do something. The U.N. herein ratifies the importance of listening to our children and loved ones, so they have options before turning to drugs. Also, be of some assistance to those who have been affected and are rehabilitating.

Have a worry-less (worry-free) weekend PFS Family!!!



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