Showers of Blessings!!!

It indeed was a wonderful way to welcome Tuesday on the island. At least for those of us in Kingston, where this rain is nothing short of a blessing. We have been salivating for it. Just the right amount to clean up the streets and take the high temperatures down a notch.

showers of blessings.jpg

You know, we never really bought that theory of how rain comes about. PFS sums it up as one of the divine mysteries of our Creator the Almighty and we just give thanks that it was not torrential, but just enough.

Again, for the central parts of Kingston. Tell us how you enjoyed the rain in your neck of the woods.

PFS believes it is certainly never too much to give thanks for the simple yet profound mysteries of life.

We want you keep up the stride you have set for this work week and we are confident in your ability to achieve all you have set out for yourself to accomplish. Each small achievement counts and the same principle goes for failure. Don’t say because it is a small matter, that you do not strive to give it your ALL. All these small failures seem mountainous when you sit and ruminate, if all you have attained is failure for all the work you believe you have done.

Setting goals.JPG

PFS encourages you to stay in NO rut. Lay out your goals and work towards them, and turn all apparent failures into valuable lessons. Lessons that you apply yourself to which then enables you to master.

 We invite you to ponder upon the musings of Frederick Keonig: “We tend to forget that happiness does not come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” 

Today, June 21, marks the second observation of the International Day of Yoga. It is the UN’s way of promoting and supporting healthy living practices.

Learn some basic yoga poses that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. PFS promotes healthy living and healthy lifestyle practices. Remember, Jamaica is a member state of the UN. Something is happening in our neck of the woods too.

Happy Yoga and have a blessed Tuesday PFS family!!!


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