PFS’ message to our Nation’s Fathers…

You seem them on the road, walking with the little bundle of joy, providing a break for the mother. You may not seem them with this bundle of joy, but check their wallets and you will find at least one picture of said bundle of joy. If all this fails, just ask them about their children (even if you don’t know if they have any) and watch the transformations that take place in their features as they speak about them. 

We found this wonderful quote that we thought to share: “Children are a gift. They are not ours for the breaking, but ours for the making.” – Dan Pearce. Quite an apt way to hope that all fathers view their children. If you already do: “you the man!!!”

PFS holds the opinion that everyday that a father sets out to care for his children in thoughts and actions, is Father’s Day. A commercial day designated as such, whilst, recognises fathers, is just a fraction of total appreciation, if it were to be shown everyday. Considering the many broken homes that have adversely affected our nation, it really makes one pause in awe, when we see fathers stepping up to the plate, proudly so. Though, sadly, this should not be a rare occurrence, but the standard that is followed.We hope all are working towards this future.

Nevertheless, if you believe you were blessed to have your father, you are doubly blessed indeed. PFS encourages you, to do something appreciative for your fathers as often as you can and not just on one. We understand, that on this Commercial day, you may do something big, but the rest of the year

This fathers day

“I LOVE YOU DADDY'” works just as well. Even the superhero fathers,hoped to know they are continuously loved.

May the special day dedicated to fathers give you the sense of fulfillment and contentment that you have added that special touch to the day for your Dad. Let us all adopt a culture of showing appreciation and include this more often into our everyday lives, until it becomes a healthy habit.

PFS hopes you enjoy. Have a lovely weekend family!!!

Have a great fathers weekend
Make it a great Father’s weekend, however you can.



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