Mid Week Inspiration

Welcome to another Wednesday in June. PFS hopes your mid week has caught you in a productive stride with hopes of completing a week of completing accomplished tasks. We start your mid-morning with a quote of inspiration from Franklin D. Roosevelt:Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  Not to proclaim that we are Prophets, but PFS will always encourage the setting of goals to work towards. When you keep a timeline of your goals and the steps you take towards achieving them; that sense of achievement, even in the little things- #Priceless.

PFS did also promise you throughout the month of June, to provide Disaster Preparedness and Road Safety tips, as these are observed for the entire month.

PFS’ Disaster Preparedness tip for today is: “Stay tuned to disaster alerts/threats during the season. Plan ahead and know what to do if you are not at home when a disaster strikes.” Remember, a disaster can be natural or man-made; a by extension, nature’s action towards man malpractices eg. Global Warming.

For our PFS’ Road Safety tip, we encourage smart and courteous use of the nation’s roads: Do not drive after consuming alcohol, when fatigued or whilst using a cellphone (primary distraction).” The above have many implications: alcohols have claimed many lives through road accidents, one is a sad reality of road accidents and the next borders on pure regard for self. All of the above risks are the opposite of courteous behavior on the road; as motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. PFS reminds you all to protect ourselves and each other, let us seek to be more courteous and conscientious (once it is safe to do so) on the roads. 

Road Courtesy
PFS especially encourages all to to pay special attention to the most vulnerable road users: elderly and our children.

A little humor goes a long way:

PFS truly hopes that you can stay “PON TOP A TINGS” for the rest of the work week. #Capleton

Have a Wonderful Wednesday PFS Family!!!






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