Compassion is selflessness.

A warm welcome to another week in June, from PFS, to all customers, families, associates etc. If you are celebrating your birthday in this month, #Happy Birthday to you. PFS increasingly encourages all of the public to exercise diligence in protecting themselves from contracting the Zika virus as well as do what they can to prevent the multiplying of mosquito breeding. 

We start the week filled with newness and PFS hopes to inspire all today to be Compassionate. Let us see how we can do small acts of compassion throughout this week, and hopefully overtime, it becomes an habit. Compassion takes less energy, reasons and justifications than selfish actions, motives and desires, and you leaves you feeling all warm and connected inside. We share with you words from Dalai Lama: “I believe compassion to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long term happiness to our lives.” We leave you with this thought to ruminate upon during your periods of downtime this week.

Sunday, June 12, 2016, was the World Day Against Child Labour, with ratifiers, the UN, calling for an end to children being a part of supply chains employees. Jamaica, as a member state of the UN, joined in the celebrations. With a resonating notion from Minister of Labour, Honourable Shahine Robinson, PFS seconds same. To end child labour which is a form of child abuse. Our children should not be tasked with taking care of themselves. They did not spontaneously come into existence!!!! If in doubt, child abuse, in the form of child labour, is any intensive task that has adverse effects on the child in any form, an interrupts their pursuits for education. Also,child labour is robbing our children of the right they have, to a peaceful childhood and the opportunity to explore their childhood years, without coercion of becoming responsible way before the are physically, psychologically and intellectually ready.  Many children have been robbed of their childhood years in various forms. 

Child Labour
It is simply not enough, to rigidly offer a statement of these international/world days on various issues, but to be able to translate these notion to reality. Is it humane for a child to look like this one at only 21 years of age? Do you know a child that looks like this.

Our children deserve better. PFS beseeches that you exercise some of the compassion that Dalai Lama says have immediate and long-term ripple effects. Why is everyone turning a blind eye to the children who are on the streets, wiping car glasses and selling at commercial markets. If you see one, ask them of their parents and then you can find the one culpable of negligence. Children are not tools, they are the future of our country, and how they look today, is a reflection of how dire our future looks. “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela. It is safe then to say, that our Jamaican society, has been displaying inhumane levels of selfishness. Children do not deserve to be neglected or marginalized. How can we expect children to care for themselves when even us as adults sometimes, are beyond being overwhelmed by the just the normal demands of life??? We need an immediate address for this problem, without further delay. Essential needs and services of our nation, should be any government’s first priority.

On another note of how we can all be more compassionate, PFS highlights the call for more blood to be donated, by the National Blood Transfusion Service, who are bit concerned that they achieved less than half of the target for blood collection for the year, to supply those in need. You may be someone’s blood type. Tuesday, June 14, is World Blood Donor Day with the theme: “Your blood saved my life: Share life, give blood”.  The National Blood Transfusion Service hopes there is an increase in the blood donations, ahead of Jamaica’s observing World Blood Donor Day and the Service hosting a blood drive at Emancipation Park tomorrow.

World Blood Donor Day 2016
Compassion includes knowing you may be someone’s blood type and sharing of your blood to those in need; in most cases, saving someone’s life. If you meet the requirements and are able to, PFS encourages you to give blood, today, tomorrow and even after.
compassion is a verb
Again, as you go throughout this week, PFS encourages you to be more conscious in pursuing compassionate actions. It never hurts, only helps.

PFS wishes you all a productive and fulfilling week. Leave your signature on each day, by even a small act of compassion.






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