PFS’ Health Advisory

Jamaica!!! Jamaica!!!How is our God-blessed island doing on this fine Friday??? 

Friends, families and associates, PFS urges you again to take the outbreak of the Zika Virus and Yellow Fever seriously and all take the necessary precautions.

Both virus and disease are mosquito-born and transmitted by mosquitoes. We urge you to stay informed about these diseases, heed the advice and precautions from the Ministry of Health. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is attracted to the Carbon Dioxide and other chemicals that we emit and are active from dawn till dusk; typically when most of us are up and about.  It means during our peak hours these mosquitoes are also at their peak, so as a cure, we mask our bodies against what attracts them to us.  As a prevention, PFS endorses eradicating all mosquito breeding sites from your home and your community at large. Do not dump at illegal dumpsites and clean all surroundings as regularly as possible.

Aedes Aegypti
This mosquito is attracted to sweat and human odour. Now PFS is well aware that if we advise you to stay cool at all times, it may seem almost an impossible task in this fervid heat. Nonetheless, we do advise that you stay as cool as possible.

For all pregnant women in Jamaica, the vessels of our country’s future, PFS urges you to put high on your priority list, getting tested for the Zika Virus, or even the Yellow Fever virus, that there has been a few cases of. And for those who are planning families,we hope that you heed the Ministry’s cautions hold off on doing so now. Prenatal and Antenatal care is extremely important and to ensure you get the best access to care during this time, it would be best to do so when the country’s health system does not have a possible breakout/ or a breakout on their already over-extended hands, over-taxed energies and completely maxed out and depleted resources.

Old Tires
Again, get rid of the following mosquito breeding sites, in and around your homes: Old tires, flower pots, bird nests, drains, barrels or drums etc. Any surface that can store water is a potential mosquito breeding site.

Protect yourselves, your families, your communities and your your country. Do not encourage unhealthy environmental practices, chances are you will be affected in the long run. Like everything else, to effectively combat this health  nightmare, all citizens need to be on the same page, intend only on fighting the viruses and diseases and not each other.

To say our country cannot afford an intensified battle against this disease is putting it mildly. Let us cure what ails us now and put preventative measures in place to stem future outbreaks.

Stay health conscious and have a lovely weekend PFS family!!!




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