How prepared are you???

June is officially in full swing, and PFS sincerely hope your June has been off to the start you had hoped it to be. We share with you some Tuesday inspiration, in what is still a young week: The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” – Ashley Montagu. Simply put, happiness is not as complicated to achieve as we had originally thought, and it is in that moment when it just happens without our prompting, whatever it is, that really leaves a lifelong impression on us. PFS encourages you to aspire towards happiness, in spite of your everyday trials, and trust the Heavenly Father to answer this prayer.

In our last post, PFS did inform that June is Disaster Preparedness month (in extension, hurricane season has started). It is of paramount importance that you observe the relevant safety measures throughout the season, and make safety in seasons such as these, a part of your daily routines. The lives of you and your loved ones depend on your diligence.

Emergency shelter designs
Disaster Preparedness Tip for today: “Before a disaster, learn all possible evacuation routes and shelter locations that would be available in your area. If there is none, you may want to rally your community members and formulate a plan for evacuation/shelter if homes become threatened.

For Road Safety, PFS is taking you back to basics:

pedestrian crossing
It is of fundamental importance if you are to regard your personal safety: Cross only at pedestrian crossings, and even then, wait until vehicles have come to a complete stop.

And before PFS says goodbye…..

tuesday lions
PFS will not let you face the week with just good wishes, but we are also feeding your funny bone. #Take a guess the respective sexes… #rotfl

 Have a blessed and productive remainder of week PFS family!!!


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