All who are born in June……

#Skip around….. (singing childhood chime)

It is a new month, a new focus with a different set of objectives and goals. You have made this far through perseverance and putting substance to your tasks and yet you have so much more within you that you can give back to your country and the universe. PFS pauses to pay our respect too, to the recipients of the Victoria Cross Awards, this past weekend on the lawns of the Jamaica Defence Force’s Headquarters. Selflessness is truly the greatest service, which is consistently displayed by the island’s military men and we could not ever ask for more. It is safe to then say,we welcome June with a sense of great achievements under our belt, which should spur more of such acts. The Military Award goes to the brave and those who consistently go beyond the call of duty, sometimes narrowly escaping death. Yeah, sounds like anything any of us civilians go through….. thought so.

So, June 1, was Global Day of Parents. A day of observance, instituted by the UN, whose support reverberates the importance of the family unit in nation growth as well as global growth. The day reinforces the importance of solid parents and parenting practices to impart the necessary values and attitudes in their children. Beautifully too, the UN address each year, despite different focuses, also, reiterates the responsibilities of a parents, to meet all needs of their children, financially, socially, emotionally.  PFS hopes our island’s parents be reminded of and be guided by this. 

United Nations Global day of parents
Some of us may ask what about the parents that are already doing everything they can for their children? PFS says: Good job!!!Keep it up!!! The future thanks you in advance.

In Jamaica, throughout the month also, will be relative activities surrounding Disaster Preparedness and Road Safety. Disasters do Happen…… Be prepared – is the plea of the Office of Disaster and Preparedness Management to every Jamaica citizen. What can be prevented, should be prevented. This Saturday, to start June off and Road Safety in high gear, is the “Jamaica Driver & Traffic Safety Expo 2016 at Mandella Mark. Special driving features and techniques to be showcased from the experts, Grennell’s Driving School. It will be informative, interactive and entertaining.

June Pearl
To those who are Gemini, PFS says “Unearth and share your inner shine” which is characteristic of the pearl. Know that Pearls are overall unique, as the only gems made by a living animals; a true result of nature, and yet no two pearls are never 100% alike. Matches of pearls are the two that resemble each other the most.

As PFS, looks towards the rest of June, we invite you to stay tuned to our posts and publications. You may find, from time to time throughout our blogs, the occasional disaster preparedness and road safety tips and once we are still under the Gemini band, we will share our precious gems.

You are not adopted
It would be remiss of us to bid you Adieu without any farewell humor. #Thanks to our friends on the internet for this one. This is so cruel….ly funny and a little sweet.

Make your June rock!!!


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