Our Country needs Harmony…..

Welcome to the final few days of June, PFS family; soon enough we will be bracing ourselves for a new month and all it has to offer. Soon enough too, we would have completed a half of 2016, and at this point PFS impresses upon you  to ruminate on how this time passed as been and how much progress you have been making. Remember, throughout the months, PFS would have been reminding you to put effort into ticking off your small victories. Now look at all your small victories, added up for 6 months….. They don’t look so small and insignificant now, do they???

PFS is here to welcome the second half of the year with you and we further encourage you to embrace opportunities and even the challenges and as we encourage you to chase your dreams, we leave you with our last quote for June from Mahatma Gandhi: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do, are in harmony.”

welcome to harmony
Let your actions be in Harmony, and embark on a journey to Happiness.

As we close the first half of the year, in what we hope is fine style and on a high note for everyone, we encourage you to look back at the various Observation Days (locally and internationally) that were highlighted, special loan promotions, customer support initiatives, provided productivity tips, health tips, safety & security tips, inspiring quotes and we celebrated the arrival of each and every weekend (#smiles).

Our Disaster Preparedness Tip for today is: “Find out how you can help your community during a disaster. You can confer with community members on a disaster preparedness plan and in the same breath encourage all to learn even basic emergency skills.” Nothing too fancy and official, you can use the usual community gatherings to discuss something as important as disaster preparedness. If it affects one, it can affect ALL. And ALL should be in a position of willingness to help EACH OTHER, in and out of a disaster.

PFS continues to urge all to be more careful, courteous and respectful on the road. This amount of road deaths, not injuries to recover from, but deaths!! It is unacceptable. Poor use of the roads is robbing people of their lives and causing grief to their families. All of us need to understand that as road users, we all have a responsibility, and each accident, every plays a part and the opportunity is there for ALL to have acted differently.  Let’s not lose any more lives.Pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, truckers, cart men; you all (WE ALL) need to learn to be more conscientious on our roads. Others have paid for various mistakes with their lives; do we want the same thing for our selves and our families??? If not, treat every road user like your loved one, protect them, be kind to them and look out for them.

Share the Road
PFS discourages all form of poor road usage.

On a cautionary, side note: PFS encourages all parents to duly warn your children about taking illegally operated taxis. We will certainly not stereotype all illegally operating taxis, as those with the sole intent of earning for their families, may be working towards being legal. We cannot specifically say. What we can say is that the risk of your child’s life is noticeably higher when they take ah illegally operated taxi. It is sad, that as parents we have to be warning our children to be wary of these predators masked as protectors. Whatever happened to “every child is my child”?

PFS says goodbye to this half of the year. We will see you on the next half come this Friday, with more of what we do at our blogs and some surprises overtime. To all those that celebrate their birthdays today and tomorrow, PFS wishes you every blessing and favour. 

For all the June birthday men/women/children, this beautiful gem, the Moonstone, is another of the precious gems given to your month. Elegant, beautiful, endurable describe this gem and also the gem in you!!! See you on the other half of 2016 !!!

Worry Less…….

Today is a new day, bringing its own individual wonder. PFS encourages you to continually unburden yourself of the stresses of yesterday and look to today with hope in your heart. Identify the things you have control over and what you don’t, act accordingly and you will worry less. Today’s inspirational quote is is from Leo Buscaglia:” Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow. It only saps today of its joy.”

On a bright and cheerful note, PFS says Happy Belated United Nations Public Service Day, to the Public Servants of Jamaica!!! As a UN member, Jamaica observes the day by focusing on its own Public Sector and congratulates the employees. An important part of the day’s observation and activities, is to inspire confidence in the population’s mind of the Public Sector’s various roles and effectiveness, as well as make Public Service an attractive option for young people, to consider joining the service instead of running to another country at the first opportunity they get, especially if their passion very well lies in their own country.

Raise your hands-young people-if your biggest dream has been to serve your country….

Ok. If your hand is raise, keep it in the air, if you still want to serve your country……

Public Service
PFS salutes all Public Servants, the back bones, of the government, and pleads that Public Service as less to do with specific political aspirations but the overall smooth governance of the country.

As you look towards the weekend PFS hopes you will ruminate on our encouragement to cease worrying, especially if it breaks your spark, motivation, drive and focus.

It’s the same way we will say to you, worry not over any disaster (as you don’t control them) but do what you can to guard yourselves against their destructive powers. For our Disaster Preparedness Tip for this week, you are encouraged “to prepare an emergency kit.” Every home should have one(ideally all year round). But if you don’t have any, pending disaster (or being in the disaster season) should be your prime motivator to prepare one.

Emergecny Kit
How uncomplicated is this?

This Sunday, June 26, will be observed as the International Day Against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking.The important thing to note is that Drug Abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of where they are. As a country, Jamaica ought not to separate ourselves from the cry, as it has adverse repercussions for us, even if we fool ourselves into thinking we do not have that problem here. Even if it means that we partner to raise awareness and lobby the importance of controlled and monitored drug use, we can do something. 

On this day, too, we can all do something. The U.N. herein ratifies the importance of listening to our children and loved ones, so they have options before turning to drugs. Also, be of some assistance to those who have been affected and are rehabilitating.

Have a worry-less (worry-free) weekend PFS Family!!!


Showers of Blessings!!!

It indeed was a wonderful way to welcome Tuesday on the island. At least for those of us in Kingston, where this rain is nothing short of a blessing. We have been salivating for it. Just the right amount to clean up the streets and take the high temperatures down a notch.

showers of blessings.jpg

You know, we never really bought that theory of how rain comes about. PFS sums it up as one of the divine mysteries of our Creator the Almighty and we just give thanks that it was not torrential, but just enough.

Again, for the central parts of Kingston. Tell us how you enjoyed the rain in your neck of the woods.

PFS believes it is certainly never too much to give thanks for the simple yet profound mysteries of life.

We want you keep up the stride you have set for this work week and we are confident in your ability to achieve all you have set out for yourself to accomplish. Each small achievement counts and the same principle goes for failure. Don’t say because it is a small matter, that you do not strive to give it your ALL. All these small failures seem mountainous when you sit and ruminate, if all you have attained is failure for all the work you believe you have done.

Setting goals.JPG

PFS encourages you to stay in NO rut. Lay out your goals and work towards them, and turn all apparent failures into valuable lessons. Lessons that you apply yourself to which then enables you to master.

 We invite you to ponder upon the musings of Frederick Keonig: “We tend to forget that happiness does not come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” 

Today, June 21, marks the second observation of the International Day of Yoga. It is the UN’s way of promoting and supporting healthy living practices.

Learn some basic yoga poses that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. PFS promotes healthy living and healthy lifestyle practices. Remember, Jamaica is a member state of the UN. Something is happening in our neck of the woods too.

Happy Yoga and have a blessed Tuesday PFS family!!!

PFS’ message to our Nation’s Fathers…

You seem them on the road, walking with the little bundle of joy, providing a break for the mother. You may not seem them with this bundle of joy, but check their wallets and you will find at least one picture of said bundle of joy. If all this fails, just ask them about their children (even if you don’t know if they have any) and watch the transformations that take place in their features as they speak about them. 

We found this wonderful quote that we thought to share: “Children are a gift. They are not ours for the breaking, but ours for the making.” – Dan Pearce. Quite an apt way to hope that all fathers view their children. If you already do: “you the man!!!”

PFS holds the opinion that everyday that a father sets out to care for his children in thoughts and actions, is Father’s Day. A commercial day designated as such, whilst, recognises fathers, is just a fraction of total appreciation, if it were to be shown everyday. Considering the many broken homes that have adversely affected our nation, it really makes one pause in awe, when we see fathers stepping up to the plate, proudly so. Though, sadly, this should not be a rare occurrence, but the standard that is followed.We hope all are working towards this future.

Nevertheless, if you believe you were blessed to have your father, you are doubly blessed indeed. PFS encourages you, to do something appreciative for your fathers as often as you can and not just on one. We understand, that on this Commercial day, you may do something big, but the rest of the year

This fathers day

“I LOVE YOU DADDY'” works just as well. Even the superhero fathers,hoped to know they are continuously loved.

May the special day dedicated to fathers give you the sense of fulfillment and contentment that you have added that special touch to the day for your Dad. Let us all adopt a culture of showing appreciation and include this more often into our everyday lives, until it becomes a healthy habit.

PFS hopes you enjoy. Have a lovely weekend family!!!

Have a great fathers weekend
Make it a great Father’s weekend, however you can.


Mid Week Inspiration

Welcome to another Wednesday in June. PFS hopes your mid week has caught you in a productive stride with hopes of completing a week of completing accomplished tasks. We start your mid-morning with a quote of inspiration from Franklin D. Roosevelt:Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”  Not to proclaim that we are Prophets, but PFS will always encourage the setting of goals to work towards. When you keep a timeline of your goals and the steps you take towards achieving them; that sense of achievement, even in the little things- #Priceless.

PFS did also promise you throughout the month of June, to provide Disaster Preparedness and Road Safety tips, as these are observed for the entire month.

PFS’ Disaster Preparedness tip for today is: “Stay tuned to disaster alerts/threats during the season. Plan ahead and know what to do if you are not at home when a disaster strikes.” Remember, a disaster can be natural or man-made; a by extension, nature’s action towards man malpractices eg. Global Warming.

For our PFS’ Road Safety tip, we encourage smart and courteous use of the nation’s roads: Do not drive after consuming alcohol, when fatigued or whilst using a cellphone (primary distraction).” The above have many implications: alcohols have claimed many lives through road accidents, one is a sad reality of road accidents and the next borders on pure regard for self. All of the above risks are the opposite of courteous behavior on the road; as motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. PFS reminds you all to protect ourselves and each other, let us seek to be more courteous and conscientious (once it is safe to do so) on the roads. 

Road Courtesy
PFS especially encourages all to to pay special attention to the most vulnerable road users: elderly and our children.

A little humor goes a long way:

PFS truly hopes that you can stay “PON TOP A TINGS” for the rest of the work week. #Capleton

Have a Wonderful Wednesday PFS Family!!!





Compassion is selflessness.

A warm welcome to another week in June, from PFS, to all customers, families, associates etc. If you are celebrating your birthday in this month, #Happy Birthday to you. PFS increasingly encourages all of the public to exercise diligence in protecting themselves from contracting the Zika virus as well as do what they can to prevent the multiplying of mosquito breeding. 

We start the week filled with newness and PFS hopes to inspire all today to be Compassionate. Let us see how we can do small acts of compassion throughout this week, and hopefully overtime, it becomes an habit. Compassion takes less energy, reasons and justifications than selfish actions, motives and desires, and you leaves you feeling all warm and connected inside. We share with you words from Dalai Lama: “I believe compassion to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long term happiness to our lives.” We leave you with this thought to ruminate upon during your periods of downtime this week.

Sunday, June 12, 2016, was the World Day Against Child Labour, with ratifiers, the UN, calling for an end to children being a part of supply chains employees. Jamaica, as a member state of the UN, joined in the celebrations. With a resonating notion from Minister of Labour, Honourable Shahine Robinson, PFS seconds same. To end child labour which is a form of child abuse. Our children should not be tasked with taking care of themselves. They did not spontaneously come into existence!!!! If in doubt, child abuse, in the form of child labour, is any intensive task that has adverse effects on the child in any form, an interrupts their pursuits for education. Also,child labour is robbing our children of the right they have, to a peaceful childhood and the opportunity to explore their childhood years, without coercion of becoming responsible way before the are physically, psychologically and intellectually ready.  Many children have been robbed of their childhood years in various forms. 

Child Labour
It is simply not enough, to rigidly offer a statement of these international/world days on various issues, but to be able to translate these notion to reality. Is it humane for a child to look like this one at only 21 years of age? Do you know a child that looks like this.

Our children deserve better. PFS beseeches that you exercise some of the compassion that Dalai Lama says have immediate and long-term ripple effects. Why is everyone turning a blind eye to the children who are on the streets, wiping car glasses and selling at commercial markets. If you see one, ask them of their parents and then you can find the one culpable of negligence. Children are not tools, they are the future of our country, and how they look today, is a reflection of how dire our future looks. “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela. It is safe then to say, that our Jamaican society, has been displaying inhumane levels of selfishness. Children do not deserve to be neglected or marginalized. How can we expect children to care for themselves when even us as adults sometimes, are beyond being overwhelmed by the just the normal demands of life??? We need an immediate address for this problem, without further delay. Essential needs and services of our nation, should be any government’s first priority.

On another note of how we can all be more compassionate, PFS highlights the call for more blood to be donated, by the National Blood Transfusion Service, who are bit concerned that they achieved less than half of the target for blood collection for the year, to supply those in need. You may be someone’s blood type. Tuesday, June 14, is World Blood Donor Day with the theme: “Your blood saved my life: Share life, give blood”.  The National Blood Transfusion Service hopes there is an increase in the blood donations, ahead of Jamaica’s observing World Blood Donor Day and the Service hosting a blood drive at Emancipation Park tomorrow.

World Blood Donor Day 2016
Compassion includes knowing you may be someone’s blood type and sharing of your blood to those in need; in most cases, saving someone’s life. If you meet the requirements and are able to, PFS encourages you to give blood, today, tomorrow and even after.
compassion is a verb
Again, as you go throughout this week, PFS encourages you to be more conscious in pursuing compassionate actions. It never hurts, only helps.

PFS wishes you all a productive and fulfilling week. Leave your signature on each day, by even a small act of compassion.





PFS’ Health Advisory

Jamaica!!! Jamaica!!!How is our God-blessed island doing on this fine Friday??? 

Friends, families and associates, PFS urges you again to take the outbreak of the Zika Virus and Yellow Fever seriously and all take the necessary precautions.

Both virus and disease are mosquito-born and transmitted by mosquitoes. We urge you to stay informed about these diseases, heed the advice and precautions from the Ministry of Health. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is attracted to the Carbon Dioxide and other chemicals that we emit and are active from dawn till dusk; typically when most of us are up and about.  It means during our peak hours these mosquitoes are also at their peak, so as a cure, we mask our bodies against what attracts them to us.  As a prevention, PFS endorses eradicating all mosquito breeding sites from your home and your community at large. Do not dump at illegal dumpsites and clean all surroundings as regularly as possible.

Aedes Aegypti
This mosquito is attracted to sweat and human odour. Now PFS is well aware that if we advise you to stay cool at all times, it may seem almost an impossible task in this fervid heat. Nonetheless, we do advise that you stay as cool as possible.

For all pregnant women in Jamaica, the vessels of our country’s future, PFS urges you to put high on your priority list, getting tested for the Zika Virus, or even the Yellow Fever virus, that there has been a few cases of. And for those who are planning families,we hope that you heed the Ministry’s cautions hold off on doing so now. Prenatal and Antenatal care is extremely important and to ensure you get the best access to care during this time, it would be best to do so when the country’s health system does not have a possible breakout/ or a breakout on their already over-extended hands, over-taxed energies and completely maxed out and depleted resources.

Old Tires
Again, get rid of the following mosquito breeding sites, in and around your homes: Old tires, flower pots, bird nests, drains, barrels or drums etc. Any surface that can store water is a potential mosquito breeding site.

Protect yourselves, your families, your communities and your your country. Do not encourage unhealthy environmental practices, chances are you will be affected in the long run. Like everything else, to effectively combat this health  nightmare, all citizens need to be on the same page, intend only on fighting the viruses and diseases and not each other.

To say our country cannot afford an intensified battle against this disease is putting it mildly. Let us cure what ails us now and put preventative measures in place to stem future outbreaks.

Stay health conscious and have a lovely weekend PFS family!!!