We say goodbye to May……….

As another month comes to a close, PFS hopes you have achieved some wonderful things throughout the month. If there is any 1 or 2 things that you would like to get done in the month, (#not to sound cliche)today is the day to get it done. All PFS can say is that we had an action packed month!!!

Today is the last day of Child’s Month, and PFS again implores that you do not take what you have learnt out of practice and into storage until next year. We urge you to continue to practice what you have learnt from the various parenting workshops and meetings that were hosted throughout Child’s month, all over Jamaica. At first, it may seem overwhelming to retain and put into practice from the information you had received, but your children, our island, our island’s future, need and deserve, the best foundation to become sound and functioning members of our society.

Love your child unselfishly
Start learning how to love unselfishly. And who better to be your practice than your child. You can’t go wrong in loving unselfishly, because it means, self is put away and you love the next person wholeheartedly. The perfect recipient for this type of love is your child.
HTCC MIssing Children's Prayer
PFS on the 25th of May, International Missing Children’s Day, shared this prayer and encourage all within our reach to send a prayer, of safety and protection of our missing children. We say special thanks to Hear the Children’s Cry for providing us with it so we can all say and then share. Anything PFS is in a position to offer, will be offered.

Today, May 31, is World No Tobacco day. Championed by World Health Organization, each year, all members and member countries, are encouraged to intensify their related campaigns, geared at mass public education of the ill effects on tobacco. Of course without infringing on basic human rights, of choice, but doing a civic duty of providing information on the ill effects of Tobacco use.

WHO - world no tobacco day 2016
This year’s message is surrounding plain packaging for tobacco products labeled with appropriate warnings against the use of Tobacco.


PFS is now sending May off in fine style, as within the month we announced the reduction of our Personal and Business loans.

#Deep- breath

We did quite a lot in May, partnered with some great causes (hearing our children’s cry) and instituted some great initiatives (listened to our customers’ pleas for lower interest rates). Rest assured June has its own set of goals, challenges and accomplishments to claim, so we look forward to tomorrow and we invite you to stay tuned.

Have a blessed Tuesday!!!!


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