On this day, our children say: #ForgetMeNot

There could never be a more befitting culmination of Child’s month in Jamaica, than on this day, May 25. It is important, though an unpleasant task, that we rip open the scar that has infested many Jamaican families with grief, loss, despair and hopelessness . Only this way will we work for a solution and a holistic healing for all affected.

PFS has identified a part that we can and will play. To spread the word and make it known. Our hearts go out to these families on this day, as we too embrace the cry and beseech of missing children: Forget Me Not, our children are asking that we do just that. The flower is the universal symbol for the internationally observed Missing Children’s Day. A day that is automatically transfixed into each country’s agenda of all members of the Global Missing Network.

Forget Me Not IMCD
Not to sound cliche, however,PFS implores with you all, Jamaica, to hear our children’s cry, and heed their pleas. See their tears and know that deep down, they are hurt but if we try to make them safe again, they are open to trusting us as adults and have faith in us to protect them and keep them safe. This is our duty.

PFS is proud to be informed that Jamaica is making strides in this manner, by becoming a member country, through local N.G.O for missing/abducted children, Hear the Children’s Cry, to the Global Missing Children’s Network. Jamaica is the first in the Caribbean to be afforded such privilege to be a part of a network that opens up resources to help each other, as countries, to recover our children. This is Jamaica’s first observation as a GMCN member, since our inauguration last year, and PFS is proud to help broadcast the message. To the missing and abducted children there soulful plea is “Forget Me Not”. Though the day predominantly having a somber tone, PFS shares the heartfelt joy of the families whose children have returned home. It renews hopes and spirits for not just families, but all that have a role to play in this epidemic. Which should essentially be everybody. Every citizen as a role to play in recovering our children.

Where are our children? Why are they abducted? Why do they keep running away? Where are they being held? Certainly not on the moon are they being held; so some strange/new child may be in your community that you know not of. PFS would never ask you to take matters into your own hands, instead, we ask you to quietly alert the authorities. 

As the children are our future, we as citizens could consider ourselves investors (for those of us that are business-minded) in ensuring that our future, as a country is safe guarded. We cannot say “We believe the children are our future” and when they go missing we leave them at the mercies of whatever elements ensnared them and now hold them captive.

HTCC MIssing Children's Prayer
PFS shares this prayer, and by such hope that all of Jamaica, within our reach, takes a moment, if you can give nothing else to our children, to whisper this prayer from your hearts and send it up to the Almighty to keep our children safe.

Here are a few tips from Jamaica’s International partners on keeping children safe. #International Missing Children’s Day 2016 #International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children #Global Missing Children’s Network #Hear the Children’s Cry


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