Despite an overcast morning thus far, PFS sincerely hopes you are in high spirits and have already hit a productive stride for your designated morning tasks.

How are you doing??? We have no intent on interrupting your productivity streak, however, as soon as you take a break and peruse an update from us, we hope that you go back to your day, feeling every bit as renewed.

  • Thursday, May 12, is recognized as International Nurses Day, in many countries around the world. The day usually culminates a week long activities log under the observation of Nurses’ Week (May 6-12) , highlighting the key matters surrounding the theme for the week. For this year’s theme, the focus remains on and repeatedly calling for “A force for Change: Improving Health Systems’ Resilience”.  In Jamaica’s own health system, all key stake holders, could benefit from the toolkit and other resources provided to improve our own output to our patients, in the hospitals, clinics, schools and every place else. Everyone that can contribute to a more efficient and positive results-oriented system, is considered a stake holder, and to each of you, there is some level of commitment needed that is not yet attained. Health care is an essential service as healthy people equate to more productive people with longer life expectancies. Let all manipulations, monopolies and stratagems be put aside, as they only seek to cast a shade of selfishness over what is essentially a selfless profession. 
nurses a force for chanege
This year’s call hopes to achieve increased efficiency in service delivery which will be easier access to quality health care. Ultimately, this translates to longevity of every patient and every preventable adverse repercussion, is indeed prevented.
international day of families
The UN is promoting healthy family structures to create a sustainable future. What say we???

Whilst, you take a break from your day, you can mull over what we have presented,as it is our pleasure to keep you in the know.

Have a happy Wednesday PFS Family!!!


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