Happy Jamaican Friday!!!

It is a bright and sunny day on the island. Just another day in ‘Jamdown”. We know there are those friends that are extremely thankful for the showers of blessing we got yesterday. Did you feel like the rain was stopping and then you heard it start again??? (#we did too…)

It is another addition, on our list of things to be grateful for; the streets got a proper wash, if you left your cars outdoors, they couldn’t have gotten a better hose down. We say Thank you Lord!!!!”, to the Almighty for hearing our plight, for a reprieve from the sweltering heat that has closely hugged our island. Jamaica is already one of the hotter islands, being in the Tropics, but do you feel like the Sun has been extra generous to us???

thankful for the rain
It was good while it lasted. We are thankful for the encore performance that was put on…. Just when we thought it was over……!!!

In other news, PFS is especially catering to those of our customers that have the ambition of owning their own cars. PFS humbly make ourselves available to be a channel; linking our customers with the different products and services that may be of interest to our audience,through our affiliation with various entrepreneurs. PFS is proud of your ambitions and if you are in a position to purchase or you know someone desirous of purchasing a car, you can make contact with the number posted on our flyers. Of course, in everything we do and know, we consider how this can be of benefit to you our valued customers.

Look, have your fill, tell your friends get more details from the contact number if you are so inclined. PFS is your partner in more ways than one.

It is Friday…………. We cannot help but say: #TGIF!!!!

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