A Special Dedication to our nation’s Teachers…..

The day to recognize one of the cornerstones of our nation and it’s future, resonates with us today as we say Thank You to all teachers and to those with an aspiration to the profession.  A profession that morphs into a lifestyle of educating and seeking to unearth potential in all, wherever they are and whatever the age of the ones they meet. A profession that sees our teachers being role models, care givers, counsellors, second/surrogate parents (on a daily basis); the consummate multitasker, as they seek to bring each student up to the highest standard academically as well as play a part in their developing identity of self.

By simply asking a child what they want to be when they grow up is encouraging them to think of they plan to make a contribution o the society. Teachers, you are all unsung heroes, you take on the challenges of each day, brave precarious situations sometimes, even when you feel unsupported. Your presence in each child’s life is one of soundness.

teachers day 2016
“Being able to help someone learn something is a talent.” Margaret Riel

To all teachers: PFS hopes you have a spectacular day. Feel free to bask in the gratitude and attention you will get from your investments. They will be your greatest return. Thank you building our nation and as we know you are the committed sort, we thank you in advance for doing so in the future.

Have a splendid day Teachers!!!


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