This is a busy Tuesday!!!

The world is spinning on its axis at no faster rate than the beginning of time. PFS hopes you had a fabulous weekend and that your week was off to a great and productive start. We wish to keep you informed, however, not to interrupt your productivity time. 

child month
We welcome may especially since this month pays particular attention to the foundation of our nation: our children.

This year, Jamaica’s theme surrounds the promotion of healthy children; an important investment if our future as a country should be safe-guarded.

We at PFS say, treat each child even those that do not belong to you,as your own. And while you are at it, ensure you play your part in creating the environment you wish your child to grow and thrive in. 



Today, May 3, is doubly important!!!

The Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) each year on this day, consistently brings to the attention of all, the crippling effects of Asthma. If you are Asthmatic you are all the more hyper-sensitive to your environment. This chronic disease does not discriminate, and as GINA encourages all Asthmatics to take control of their illness and give it the attention it deserves (it’s not your common cold), around the world, attention is being drawn to the impact of pollutants to Asthmatics. You are charged with noting what you can do, that is within your control you keep your Asthma under control and as well as to improve your condition. In our sunny island, sometimes, extreme heat can make your condition worse.

It’s a Tuesday thing, as the first Tuesday of every May is when GINA  launches their Asthma campaigns.

world asthma day 2016
PFS urges all customers and extended family that are Asthmatic, know your triggers and try to control them. There being a global organization for Asthma shows that the disease is just as debilitating as any other.

At the mention of double, today is the UN designated day of observance for the Press. One can imagine the elation of the Press Association of Jamaica, for a day like today, when the elite UN, declares the day as one of global observation. Fundamental rights and freedom to be granted to all and sundry of the press, is the order of today as well as protection of individual who choose to make the discipline their profession. For the Press Association of Jamaica, today is their day to shine and revel in the support that they would have to toil all year long for, without the prestigious declaration of support.

world press freedom 2016
No less, this year, PAJ, calls to make amendments to the Access to Information Act. It is the universal stance that the press is fulfilling a civic duty of making relevant information accessible to the public (that greatly affects them) that they would have had access to otherwise.

Before we close, PFS would like to rally once more the highlight of this month as Child month. Certainly we encourage the constant care and protection of your child, as life long duty/ responsibility that surpasses the longevity of a month. Ideally, overtime, we wish the month to be centred around highlighting some stellar parents and promoting the support of parents each day, everyday; for now, however, we are still in the educating phase, some do’s and dont’s. Let us all be patient.

child rearing matters
PFS says goodbye for now with this child care tip: Make time with your children a priority. When you make time with your children they do not become starved for attention. Whatever their age, show them you are genuinely interested in their perspective of the world and what thoughts swirl through the fertile grounds of their minds, every day, you do this. You will be glad.

Have a fantastic week family!!!!!


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