We say goodbye to May……….

As another month comes to a close, PFS hopes you have achieved some wonderful things throughout the month. If there is any 1 or 2 things that you would like to get done in the month, (#not to sound cliche)today is the day to get it done. All PFS can say is that we had an action packed month!!!

Today is the last day of Child’s Month, and PFS again implores that you do not take what you have learnt out of practice and into storage until next year. We urge you to continue to practice what you have learnt from the various parenting workshops and meetings that were hosted throughout Child’s month, all over Jamaica. At first, it may seem overwhelming to retain and put into practice from the information you had received, but your children, our island, our island’s future, need and deserve, the best foundation to become sound and functioning members of our society.

Love your child unselfishly
Start learning how to love unselfishly. And who better to be your practice than your child. You can’t go wrong in loving unselfishly, because it means, self is put away and you love the next person wholeheartedly. The perfect recipient for this type of love is your child.
HTCC MIssing Children's Prayer
PFS on the 25th of May, International Missing Children’s Day, shared this prayer and encourage all within our reach to send a prayer, of safety and protection of our missing children. We say special thanks to Hear the Children’s Cry for providing us with it so we can all say and then share. Anything PFS is in a position to offer, will be offered.

Today, May 31, is World No Tobacco day. Championed by World Health Organization, each year, all members and member countries, are encouraged to intensify their related campaigns, geared at mass public education of the ill effects on tobacco. Of course without infringing on basic human rights, of choice, but doing a civic duty of providing information on the ill effects of Tobacco use.

WHO - world no tobacco day 2016
This year’s message is surrounding plain packaging for tobacco products labeled with appropriate warnings against the use of Tobacco.


PFS is now sending May off in fine style, as within the month we announced the reduction of our Personal and Business loans.

#Deep- breath

We did quite a lot in May, partnered with some great causes (hearing our children’s cry) and instituted some great initiatives (listened to our customers’ pleas for lower interest rates). Rest assured June has its own set of goals, challenges and accomplishments to claim, so we look forward to tomorrow and we invite you to stay tuned.

Have a blessed Tuesday!!!!


Friday Inspiration

Happy Friday PFS family!!!! We will keep the round up short for the close of this week. Albeit, we hope you had a productive, ruminative, reflective, purpose-filled week.

We include you, our extended family, when we share our motivational quotes. Today, it is a priceless piece of advice, that if practiced, can some a noticeable amount of our individual/collective problems: “Thousand of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the single candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha

Simply put friends: let us engender a culture of igniting and spreading the good things. The light in you, may illuminate someone or set off a reaction, sparking their inner flame. We are all connected, each of us have something that can touch the soul of any and every soul we reach out to. PFS leaves you with this thought that we hope will guide your actions and put you in a place, where it becomes more often that you share your light with someone.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks we have been advising our domain of special announcements, which we will re-run today. It is real so you can experience it!!!!

As your financial services provider, PFS understands our responsibility in ensuring that you get the financing you need at an affordable rate.

And because PFS has a culture of encouraging ambition, for we too have a channel for the hopeful car owners………. #Take-your-pic.

Have a jolly good weekend!!!!!

On this day, our children say: #ForgetMeNot

There could never be a more befitting culmination of Child’s month in Jamaica, than on this day, May 25. It is important, though an unpleasant task, that we rip open the scar that has infested many Jamaican families with grief, loss, despair and hopelessness . Only this way will we work for a solution and a holistic healing for all affected.

PFS has identified a part that we can and will play. To spread the word and make it known. Our hearts go out to these families on this day, as we too embrace the cry and beseech of missing children: Forget Me Not, our children are asking that we do just that. The flower is the universal symbol for the internationally observed Missing Children’s Day. A day that is automatically transfixed into each country’s agenda of all members of the Global Missing Network.

Forget Me Not IMCD
Not to sound cliche, however,PFS implores with you all, Jamaica, to hear our children’s cry, and heed their pleas. See their tears and know that deep down, they are hurt but if we try to make them safe again, they are open to trusting us as adults and have faith in us to protect them and keep them safe. This is our duty.

PFS is proud to be informed that Jamaica is making strides in this manner, by becoming a member country, through local N.G.O for missing/abducted children, Hear the Children’s Cry, to the Global Missing Children’s Network. Jamaica is the first in the Caribbean to be afforded such privilege to be a part of a network that opens up resources to help each other, as countries, to recover our children. This is Jamaica’s first observation as a GMCN member, since our inauguration last year, and PFS is proud to help broadcast the message. To the missing and abducted children there soulful plea is “Forget Me Not”. Though the day predominantly having a somber tone, PFS shares the heartfelt joy of the families whose children have returned home. It renews hopes and spirits for not just families, but all that have a role to play in this epidemic. Which should essentially be everybody. Every citizen as a role to play in recovering our children.

Where are our children? Why are they abducted? Why do they keep running away? Where are they being held? Certainly not on the moon are they being held; so some strange/new child may be in your community that you know not of. PFS would never ask you to take matters into your own hands, instead, we ask you to quietly alert the authorities. 

As the children are our future, we as citizens could consider ourselves investors (for those of us that are business-minded) in ensuring that our future, as a country is safe guarded. We cannot say “We believe the children are our future” and when they go missing we leave them at the mercies of whatever elements ensnared them and now hold them captive.

HTCC MIssing Children's Prayer
PFS shares this prayer, and by such hope that all of Jamaica, within our reach, takes a moment, if you can give nothing else to our children, to whisper this prayer from your hearts and send it up to the Almighty to keep our children safe.

Here are a few tips from Jamaica’s International partners on keeping children safe. #International Missing Children’s Day 2016 #International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children #Global Missing Children’s Network #Hear the Children’s Cry

PFS Advisory: PAY LESS at PFS!!!

Have you heard already???

Tis’ the season of good news from PFS. We are sending you off to your extended weekends with a lot to smile about…

As your financial services provider, PFS understands our responsibility in ensuring that you get the financing you need at an affordable rate.

It forms our continued pledge to not renege on this fundamental promise. No relationship can last if not founded on sound and mutually beneficial grounds. As your anchor, PFS thus far has honoured the commitment from Business service provider to customer, in what we hope are long-lasting business relationships.

It has brought us much pleasure to be able to make our products more affordable and financially friendly. Let us know if you are so pleased.

On that note PFS is quite pleased to send you off into your long weekend with wishes of rest, satisfaction, productivity, charity and doing good, all around.

Despite an overcast morning thus far, PFS sincerely hopes you are in high spirits and have already hit a productive stride for your designated morning tasks.

How are you doing??? We have no intent on interrupting your productivity streak, however, as soon as you take a break and peruse an update from us, we hope that you go back to your day, feeling every bit as renewed.

  • Thursday, May 12, is recognized as International Nurses Day, in many countries around the world. The day usually culminates a week long activities log under the observation of Nurses’ Week (May 6-12) , highlighting the key matters surrounding the theme for the week. For this year’s theme, the focus remains on and repeatedly calling for “A force for Change: Improving Health Systems’ Resilience”.  In Jamaica’s own health system, all key stake holders, could benefit from the toolkit and other resources provided to improve our own output to our patients, in the hospitals, clinics, schools and every place else. Everyone that can contribute to a more efficient and positive results-oriented system, is considered a stake holder, and to each of you, there is some level of commitment needed that is not yet attained. Health care is an essential service as healthy people equate to more productive people with longer life expectancies. Let all manipulations, monopolies and stratagems be put aside, as they only seek to cast a shade of selfishness over what is essentially a selfless profession. 
nurses a force for chanege
This year’s call hopes to achieve increased efficiency in service delivery which will be easier access to quality health care. Ultimately, this translates to longevity of every patient and every preventable adverse repercussion, is indeed prevented.
international day of families
The UN is promoting healthy family structures to create a sustainable future. What say we???

Whilst, you take a break from your day, you can mull over what we have presented,as it is our pleasure to keep you in the know.

Have a happy Wednesday PFS Family!!!

Happy Jamaican Friday!!!

It is a bright and sunny day on the island. Just another day in ‘Jamdown”. We know there are those friends that are extremely thankful for the showers of blessing we got yesterday. Did you feel like the rain was stopping and then you heard it start again??? (#we did too…)

It is another addition, on our list of things to be grateful for; the streets got a proper wash, if you left your cars outdoors, they couldn’t have gotten a better hose down. We say Thank you Lord!!!!”, to the Almighty for hearing our plight, for a reprieve from the sweltering heat that has closely hugged our island. Jamaica is already one of the hotter islands, being in the Tropics, but do you feel like the Sun has been extra generous to us???

thankful for the rain
It was good while it lasted. We are thankful for the encore performance that was put on…. Just when we thought it was over……!!!

In other news, PFS is especially catering to those of our customers that have the ambition of owning their own cars. PFS humbly make ourselves available to be a channel; linking our customers with the different products and services that may be of interest to our audience,through our affiliation with various entrepreneurs. PFS is proud of your ambitions and if you are in a position to purchase or you know someone desirous of purchasing a car, you can make contact with the number posted on our flyers. Of course, in everything we do and know, we consider how this can be of benefit to you our valued customers.

Look, have your fill, tell your friends get more details from the contact number if you are so inclined. PFS is your partner in more ways than one.

It is Friday…………. We cannot help but say: #TGIF!!!!

A Special Dedication to our nation’s Teachers…..

The day to recognize one of the cornerstones of our nation and it’s future, resonates with us today as we say Thank You to all teachers and to those with an aspiration to the profession.  A profession that morphs into a lifestyle of educating and seeking to unearth potential in all, wherever they are and whatever the age of the ones they meet. A profession that sees our teachers being role models, care givers, counsellors, second/surrogate parents (on a daily basis); the consummate multitasker, as they seek to bring each student up to the highest standard academically as well as play a part in their developing identity of self.

By simply asking a child what they want to be when they grow up is encouraging them to think of they plan to make a contribution o the society. Teachers, you are all unsung heroes, you take on the challenges of each day, brave precarious situations sometimes, even when you feel unsupported. Your presence in each child’s life is one of soundness.

teachers day 2016
“Being able to help someone learn something is a talent.” Margaret Riel

To all teachers: PFS hopes you have a spectacular day. Feel free to bask in the gratitude and attention you will get from your investments. They will be your greatest return. Thank you building our nation and as we know you are the committed sort, we thank you in advance for doing so in the future.

Have a splendid day Teachers!!!