A Special dose of PEACE for this weekend…

The last day of April is tomorrow, after which we will be saying hello to May. Another month and as we are alive, another opportunity do right what you must, work on what should be worked on… You get the gist.

PFS says, tackle obstacles/opportunities as they surface and NOT all at once. If you should compile all that needs to be done in your life at once: sure you will know what needs to be done but said list would be mountainous, you are likely to feel morosely overwhelmed before moving a muscle. 

In the midst of your busy lives, amidst all that is happening (that we have control over and that we don’t have control over) PFS wished for you peace and serenity this weekend. Yes we always wish our customers and friends peace and every good thing; but does a regular reminder hurt??? #nah

Note: All PFS extended family remain, unmovingly, in our prayers.

We thank you and support your brave, selfless and productive acts, the ones we see and the ones that we can only imagine that you have to undertake. Lord knows the heinous and macabre acts are highlighted enough to make us want to retreat into our own little safe places; but we have to live.

peaceful weekend
You have made it through this week and you deserve a break, to unwind, to lose tension and to indulge in pleasing and relaxing activities… PFS says “Go for it!!!”

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