Happy Sunny Thursday!!!!

It is indeed a sunny day on this “Ben Johnson’s” day, especially fortnightly paid employees. For those millennials who do not know what this day means, may  have to run to grandma/grandpa to tell them why Thursdays are called as such.

  • Yesterday was International Administrative Professionals Day, observed nationally and in other countries. Though not a holiday, the day, since inception was mandated to be a voice for those in the Administration profession. Various sub-chapters of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) are formed around the world and each sub-chapter’s core mandate is to be a support, guide, professional reference to those in the field. To make the necessary transformations and more importantly, not lose sight of the tangible/intangible contribution that Administrative Professionals have made to their organizations, regardless the sector. 
happy administrative professionals day
To all the receptionists, administrative assistants, clerks, PAs and the various subtitles: kindly accept PFS sincere belated wishes for being the backbone/foundation of your organization. Each of you is an unsung hero.
  • It is pleasing as well to highlight, whilst on the topic of organizations, that today, Thursday, April 28 is World day for Safety and Health in the workplace. And this year;s theme shines the spotlight on observing the various levels of stress that exists in the workplace and their root cause. This matter of stress affects both health and safety if left untended. This year, the impact of work-related stress (both psychologically, socially, financially etc) will be explored. We hope to see proactive solutions or suggested methods to mitigate work-related stress from the various activities that will hit the ground running. The International Labour Organization (ILO), through it’s expert on Occupational Health and Safety, believe that, it will take both collective and individual efforts to effectively stem the growth of the workplace stress pandemic (paraphrased).
world day of health safety at work 2016
Many factors lead to workplace tree: job uncertainty,intense workloads, job expectations, deadlines. All of which have been daunting at best, but when looked at as a whole, very scary.

For those of you are currently experiencing workplace stress(which at some point or another, is inevitable, unavoidable), you are encouraged to seek help sooner rather than later. Do not put off any matter that is a health risk or adversely affects you and/or those around you.

Happy Ben Johnson’s Day PFS family!!!



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