This Tuesday is like #No Other!!!

There will never be another Tuesday, April 26, 2016, so it means you should create history today, and every day for that matter.

Today is the day to do something that will make your tomorrow self thank you and also something that someone else can thank you for. It is not too late for your week to get into a productive mode. Whether you set the pace from Monday or you are just settling down today, PFS wishes you the best for this week.

We say shout out to all our customers, that barely have time to check Social Media because they hit the ground running from the early hours, but also, shout out to those of our friends and customers that get a notification every time PFS makes a post… (#we see you!!)

Today is World Intellectual Property day, a day of observation by member states of the World Intellectual Property Organization, that champion the rights protection of individual property rights. An intellectual property is any intangible creation that an individual creates with their unique talents, there are rights to protect these assets. Through protection of existing intangible assets, WIPO hopes to create more awareness of their value as well as encourage others to trademark, copyright their works. Do you know any artist, poet, writer who openly shares their work, or work that has been duplicated by others with due credit being given? Enclosed in this link are an agenda of all activities this week surrounding Intellectual Property, its rights, protection and potential for income generation. You got that right, if you have a brilliant idea/ innovation  that you believe can be used for your benefit, or any other’s benefit, develop your invention, obtain your patent/rights before sharing our invention, so you can your rightful and due compensation (unless of course you are giving it as a gift – #winks).

world ip day 2 2016
Happy World Intellectual Property Day!!! Spend it well. If you can, make use of the information that is made available throughout the week until Friday, through JIPO. And then share this information with someone. Even if there is no tangible benefit for you, you must have an extremely talented individual in your circle that could do well with the protection of their invention/ creative works.




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