Happy Friday PFS family!!!

For those of you that have had a roller coaster week, PFS is hoping that your weekend will consist of smoother sailing stuff. So much highlights for the week and PFS will give you the top 3.

truly a legendary monarch

  • Today, (finally an event to report whose date has not passed) April 22 is International Earth Day. On this day around the world, every individual is encouraged to give back to Mother Earth, in just a small fraction, compared to all she has given and continues to give. Jamaica has enough rural space to plant some good amount of trees. 

What say us? Are we ready to go get our pretty hands dirty for a few hours. Talk about taking it back to basics, which is very important if Mother Earth is to continue to sustain us.

plant a tree
You got that right. Think Jamaica does not have enough land or hands? #Think again. #We can do our part!!!

Thank you for staying tune, we hope you had as much fun reading as we had writing/reporting.

PFS wishes for you a restful weekend and we look forward ti seeing you next week. #Happy-TGIF!!!



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