Happy #WCW from PFS!!!

Happy Wednesday PFS family!!!

Today is indeed the day to be thankful:to be alive and to all faculties working (or that the ones that worked yesterday still work) and with enough conviction in the belief that miracles and wonders happens.

PFS encourages you today: look around for all the miracles and wonders in your life no matter how small they appear and how inconsequential they may seem. If at one point you never had them and now you do have them, it means your life has changed, and would have been unchanged without these small blessings. That is how powerful each blessing is.

count all your blessings pfs new april 2016
#Count all your blessings!!! #Name them one by one!!! #Each new day is a blessing!!!

And PFS is still trying on this #WCW for size and though it appears to be sporadically, we are slowly getting used to lauding the powerful females of our island. We would have named all females if we could.

woman crush wednesday
Happy #WCW!!!

This Wednesday, the spotlight falls on our former Minister of Youth & Culture, Lisa Hanna, M.P. Truly an epitome of beauty, ambition and intelligence, all rolled into one powerful, compelling and inspiring woman. Dearest Lisa, PFS is crushing on you today; we recognize your contribution to our nation that you selflessly executed, putting our in a position that commands respect and simple awe. You are a beacon for young women; the light from within that calls out from however deep, the light withing each young female’s soul, to greatness. To realizing their worth, to be confident in their talents and capabilities and to be encouraged to follow their various dreams. 

Lisa Hanna WCW
“Dearest Lisa, You embody the type of woman that all woman intrinsically yearn to be/grow into. Powerful, inspirational and commanding.

Have a blessed day PFS family!!!


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