Was World Health Day celebrated in your neck of the woods???

April 7 is the day annually observed as World Health Day, which is a commemoration of the first hosted Assembly on World Health, years ago, as well as to focus on various health issues around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) this year has turned the spotlight on the health issue of Diabetes. This condition occurs when an individual has abnormally and consistently high blood sugar levels and their body is either not producing enough insulin, or not responding to the produced insulin, which is the hormone that regulates the blood sugar level. This year, WHO is calling for more effective ways to combat the high level of Diabetes that has been diagnosed in the recent years, compared to the 1980’s.

who  world health day 2016
Become informed on the disease and plan how you and your family can make healthy lifestyle decisions that will prevent a diagnosis of Diabetes. #Get informed #Get tested.

Jamaica falls under the health region, Region 4 and we are under the administration of the Pan American Health Organization, a specialized health agency that serves the Americas. Tips for prevention and control can be obtained from this website. If you feel comfortable with getting some information before visiting your doctor, this is an advisable place to start. Let not your fear be from ignorance. The more knowledge you  have, the better chances you have of combating your fears and  apprehensions, whether the fear is yours or for a family member. Find a resource/information centre that has the information you seek.

Kudos to Jamaica Gleaner for the information they have provided on the disease. Contained also are a few manageable facts about the disease, just so you know what it constitutes and what social, economical factors contribute to the risks of the disease.

On another note, health sector related yes, PFS had recently ventured into the millennial’s way of showing appreciation, for stalwarts of our society. For PFS, it is trivial which sector you are from, only that we are interested in the work that you have and your contribution to national growth and development. We are trying out #ManCrushMonday with our added twist. In the spotlight today is the much travailed but passionate professional, Dr. Alfred Dawes. Little is known of the practitioner, yet his passion, commitment and dedication to his field of practice is enviable, irrefutable and laudable.

man crush monday april 112016
What say you of the Doc? Who else would you nominate for #Man-Crush-Mondays?

Signing off for now, on a more health conscious note, PFS wishes you a productive and satisfying week.

Thank you for making PFS your partner in Finance.


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