What World Autism Day 2016 was like in Jamiaca

World Autism Awareness day has a core mandate of promoting increased knowledge and awareness surrounding the advancement of research and tools crafted to more effectively deal with autistic individuals. The aim is to know enough so as to prevent further discrimination/marginalization of the diverse sectors.

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As PFS usually says, if you never knew before, now you know. And the more you, the more responsible should become and the more accountable you should be.

This year’s observation of the day has been given the theme, Autism and the 2030 Agenda: Inclusion and Neurodiversity, by the UN. An official declaration by the UN to ensure that the most is done in ensuring that diversity in all sectors is promoted, embraced and protected and no group is left behind.

autism inclusion
#Inclusion #Neurodiversity #2016UNtheme #World Autism Awareness 2016

The Jamaica Autism Support Association has itemized activities to be held throughout the month of April, which at large observes Autism. Contained in the link, are dates on when events will be held surrounding the topic throughout. You may be able to drop-in and you might learn something. You are encouraged to become as knowledgeable as you can, even about the basics. If we know more about Autism and apply love to that knowledge, it would no longer see us discriminating against autistic individuals. It is of course a natural response of individuals to close off/separate themselves from the unknown, sometimes out of fear. In this instance, ignorance may have been a contributing factor to preventing us, Jamaicans, from accepting/embracing the differences that exist in our population.

love someone with autism
Where love meets knowledge, discrimination is defeated.




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