Happy Friday and welcome April!!!!

It is a sunny day on the island and even the clouds have welcomed April, hugging it closely, whispering promises only this first weekend can bring.

PFS hopes you have a smile on your face for some/no reason. If this is your birth month: PFS says shout out to you from now, whoever you are, wherever you are!!! Now down to important matters:

  1. The month could not have been welcomed in a better spirit. Titchfield High School is feeling especially jubilant and will quite likely remember their glorious moment for years to come. PFS Congratulates the 2016 Champions of TVJ School Challenge Quiz. And to both teams overall, PFS lauds your selfless pursuit of a dream, that couldn’t possibly yours alone, but that of all students and each student’s families; a BIG Dream. It is refreshing to see such display for artsy sportsmanship/sportwomanship, passion,discipline and dedication . 
congratulations scq2016
PFS says congratulation to the winners, runner-up and every school that had put forth themselves to be tested. PFS is #proud of all of you!!! 

2. PFS followers may have seen updates in their statuses of the Hear the Children’s Cry displaying missing children. If not, you will see what we are talking about soon. PFS has gone on board to spread the message far and wide. How comfortable are we in our beds knowing that so many of our children are going missing?  Next month is International Missing Children’s Day but let us wait until then to be spurred into action. 

Show your care, even by sharing. Most child captors are exceptionally confident in remaining undiscovered as they would have been led to believe no one will notice a certain child going missing. These captors are wrong!!! Prove them wrong!!! This is not to gain fame for yourself but to ease the hurt of the mourning families. Empathize/ sympathize. Send your hearts and prayers out to these children. No child deserves to be left unfound, unloved or uncared for.

hear the childrens cry
Our children are crying: do not ignore their cries.

 And because it is Friday, we will wish you a Fantastic Friday and be all cuddly and adorable about it:

put your feet up
Go ahead: put your feet up and relax a little!!!

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