A Special dose of PEACE for this weekend…

The last day of April is tomorrow, after which we will be saying hello to May. Another month and as we are alive, another opportunity do right what you must, work on what should be worked on… You get the gist.

PFS says, tackle obstacles/opportunities as they surface and NOT all at once. If you should compile all that needs to be done in your life at once: sure you will know what needs to be done but said list would be mountainous, you are likely to feel morosely overwhelmed before moving a muscle. 

In the midst of your busy lives, amidst all that is happening (that we have control over and that we don’t have control over) PFS wished for you peace and serenity this weekend. Yes we always wish our customers and friends peace and every good thing; but does a regular reminder hurt??? #nah

Note: All PFS extended family remain, unmovingly, in our prayers.

We thank you and support your brave, selfless and productive acts, the ones we see and the ones that we can only imagine that you have to undertake. Lord knows the heinous and macabre acts are highlighted enough to make us want to retreat into our own little safe places; but we have to live.

peaceful weekend
You have made it through this week and you deserve a break, to unwind, to lose tension and to indulge in pleasing and relaxing activities… PFS says “Go for it!!!”

Happy Sunny Thursday!!!!

It is indeed a sunny day on this “Ben Johnson’s” day, especially fortnightly paid employees. For those millennials who do not know what this day means, may  have to run to grandma/grandpa to tell them why Thursdays are called as such.

  • Yesterday was International Administrative Professionals Day, observed nationally and in other countries. Though not a holiday, the day, since inception was mandated to be a voice for those in the Administration profession. Various sub-chapters of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) are formed around the world and each sub-chapter’s core mandate is to be a support, guide, professional reference to those in the field. To make the necessary transformations and more importantly, not lose sight of the tangible/intangible contribution that Administrative Professionals have made to their organizations, regardless the sector. 
happy administrative professionals day
To all the receptionists, administrative assistants, clerks, PAs and the various subtitles: kindly accept PFS sincere belated wishes for being the backbone/foundation of your organization. Each of you is an unsung hero.
  • It is pleasing as well to highlight, whilst on the topic of organizations, that today, Thursday, April 28 is World day for Safety and Health in the workplace. And this year;s theme shines the spotlight on observing the various levels of stress that exists in the workplace and their root cause. This matter of stress affects both health and safety if left untended. This year, the impact of work-related stress (both psychologically, socially, financially etc) will be explored. We hope to see proactive solutions or suggested methods to mitigate work-related stress from the various activities that will hit the ground running. The International Labour Organization (ILO), through it’s expert on Occupational Health and Safety, believe that, it will take both collective and individual efforts to effectively stem the growth of the workplace stress pandemic (paraphrased).
world day of health safety at work 2016
Many factors lead to workplace tree: job uncertainty,intense workloads, job expectations, deadlines. All of which have been daunting at best, but when looked at as a whole, very scary.

For those of you are currently experiencing workplace stress(which at some point or another, is inevitable, unavoidable), you are encouraged to seek help sooner rather than later. Do not put off any matter that is a health risk or adversely affects you and/or those around you.

Happy Ben Johnson’s Day PFS family!!!


This Tuesday is like #No Other!!!

There will never be another Tuesday, April 26, 2016, so it means you should create history today, and every day for that matter.

Today is the day to do something that will make your tomorrow self thank you and also something that someone else can thank you for. It is not too late for your week to get into a productive mode. Whether you set the pace from Monday or you are just settling down today, PFS wishes you the best for this week.

We say shout out to all our customers, that barely have time to check Social Media because they hit the ground running from the early hours, but also, shout out to those of our friends and customers that get a notification every time PFS makes a post… (#we see you!!)

Today is World Intellectual Property day, a day of observation by member states of the World Intellectual Property Organization, that champion the rights protection of individual property rights. An intellectual property is any intangible creation that an individual creates with their unique talents, there are rights to protect these assets. Through protection of existing intangible assets, WIPO hopes to create more awareness of their value as well as encourage others to trademark, copyright their works. Do you know any artist, poet, writer who openly shares their work, or work that has been duplicated by others with due credit being given? Enclosed in this link are an agenda of all activities this week surrounding Intellectual Property, its rights, protection and potential for income generation. You got that right, if you have a brilliant idea/ innovation  that you believe can be used for your benefit, or any other’s benefit, develop your invention, obtain your patent/rights before sharing our invention, so you can your rightful and due compensation (unless of course you are giving it as a gift – #winks).

world ip day 2 2016
Happy World Intellectual Property Day!!! Spend it well. If you can, make use of the information that is made available throughout the week until Friday, through JIPO. And then share this information with someone. Even if there is no tangible benefit for you, you must have an extremely talented individual in your circle that could do well with the protection of their invention/ creative works.



Happy Friday PFS family!!!

For those of you that have had a roller coaster week, PFS is hoping that your weekend will consist of smoother sailing stuff. So much highlights for the week and PFS will give you the top 3.

truly a legendary monarch

  • Today, (finally an event to report whose date has not passed) April 22 is International Earth Day. On this day around the world, every individual is encouraged to give back to Mother Earth, in just a small fraction, compared to all she has given and continues to give. Jamaica has enough rural space to plant some good amount of trees. 

What say us? Are we ready to go get our pretty hands dirty for a few hours. Talk about taking it back to basics, which is very important if Mother Earth is to continue to sustain us.

plant a tree
You got that right. Think Jamaica does not have enough land or hands? #Think again. #We can do our part!!!

Thank you for staying tune, we hope you had as much fun reading as we had writing/reporting.

PFS wishes for you a restful weekend and we look forward ti seeing you next week. #Happy-TGIF!!!


Happy #WCW from PFS!!!

Happy Wednesday PFS family!!!

Today is indeed the day to be thankful:to be alive and to all faculties working (or that the ones that worked yesterday still work) and with enough conviction in the belief that miracles and wonders happens.

PFS encourages you today: look around for all the miracles and wonders in your life no matter how small they appear and how inconsequential they may seem. If at one point you never had them and now you do have them, it means your life has changed, and would have been unchanged without these small blessings. That is how powerful each blessing is.

count all your blessings pfs new april 2016
#Count all your blessings!!! #Name them one by one!!! #Each new day is a blessing!!!

And PFS is still trying on this #WCW for size and though it appears to be sporadically, we are slowly getting used to lauding the powerful females of our island. We would have named all females if we could.

woman crush wednesday
Happy #WCW!!!

This Wednesday, the spotlight falls on our former Minister of Youth & Culture, Lisa Hanna, M.P. Truly an epitome of beauty, ambition and intelligence, all rolled into one powerful, compelling and inspiring woman. Dearest Lisa, PFS is crushing on you today; we recognize your contribution to our nation that you selflessly executed, putting our in a position that commands respect and simple awe. You are a beacon for young women; the light from within that calls out from however deep, the light withing each young female’s soul, to greatness. To realizing their worth, to be confident in their talents and capabilities and to be encouraged to follow their various dreams. 

Lisa Hanna WCW
“Dearest Lisa, You embody the type of woman that all woman intrinsically yearn to be/grow into. Powerful, inspirational and commanding.

Have a blessed day PFS family!!!

Productive Tuesday wishes from Proactive…

It is a sunny Tuesday on the island (#though it is never too late for a shower of rain) and as our friends usually like to plagiarize, “what cannot be accomplished on a day like today?”

If you believe Tuesday is not a good day to be productive, then expert surveyors may have to beg to disagree. In fact, they champion the notion that Tuesday are in fact the day when you settle down to achieve tasks for your work week; Mondays are more like a recap. However, there may be an agree to disagree on whether or not this same task can be done on Mondays (starting your work week at the beginning of your work week), which is how we encourage that you spend Fridays reviewing week of past and planning week ahead.

At the end of the day: seek to discover what works best for you and which structure unearths the most productivity out of your week. And don’t be selfish, do share.

productivity focus
PFS knows that you have also graduated from the myth that being busy automatically means you are being productive.

With all that said, PFS wishes you the most productive in a series of many productive weeks (to come) and we invite you to impart what you have discovered when it comes to productivity and share it within your circles. It is our hope too, that your talents are being appropriately used and that you are encouraging others to appropriate their talents in whatever tasks they have set before them.

your talent is gods gift
Encourage all to discover their God-given talents and then use them.


Was World Health Day celebrated in your neck of the woods???

April 7 is the day annually observed as World Health Day, which is a commemoration of the first hosted Assembly on World Health, years ago, as well as to focus on various health issues around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) this year has turned the spotlight on the health issue of Diabetes. This condition occurs when an individual has abnormally and consistently high blood sugar levels and their body is either not producing enough insulin, or not responding to the produced insulin, which is the hormone that regulates the blood sugar level. This year, WHO is calling for more effective ways to combat the high level of Diabetes that has been diagnosed in the recent years, compared to the 1980’s.

who  world health day 2016
Become informed on the disease and plan how you and your family can make healthy lifestyle decisions that will prevent a diagnosis of Diabetes. #Get informed #Get tested.

Jamaica falls under the health region, Region 4 and we are under the administration of the Pan American Health Organization, a specialized health agency that serves the Americas. Tips for prevention and control can be obtained from this website. If you feel comfortable with getting some information before visiting your doctor, this is an advisable place to start. Let not your fear be from ignorance. The more knowledge you  have, the better chances you have of combating your fears and  apprehensions, whether the fear is yours or for a family member. Find a resource/information centre that has the information you seek.

Kudos to Jamaica Gleaner for the information they have provided on the disease. Contained also are a few manageable facts about the disease, just so you know what it constitutes and what social, economical factors contribute to the risks of the disease.

On another note, health sector related yes, PFS had recently ventured into the millennial’s way of showing appreciation, for stalwarts of our society. For PFS, it is trivial which sector you are from, only that we are interested in the work that you have and your contribution to national growth and development. We are trying out #ManCrushMonday with our added twist. In the spotlight today is the much travailed but passionate professional, Dr. Alfred Dawes. Little is known of the practitioner, yet his passion, commitment and dedication to his field of practice is enviable, irrefutable and laudable.

man crush monday april 112016
What say you of the Doc? Who else would you nominate for #Man-Crush-Mondays?

Signing off for now, on a more health conscious note, PFS wishes you a productive and satisfying week.

Thank you for making PFS your partner in Finance.