How was International Happiness Day???

#Raise your hand if you knew yesterday was #International Happiness Day.

#looks at hands raised. OK then.

Raise your hand if it made a difference to you yesterday that it celebrated happiness….. OK then.

Jamaica this year has ranked number 73, on the happiest places on this earth to live and this is of a total of 157 countries that were featured in the report. According to various sources, it was unanimously concluded that there are 195 countries in the world. This means that 38 countries were not included in this report.

Back to Jamaica, whose position on the list has dropped from the 65 it was last year. Regrettably this means that Jamaica has not been so happy since the last report was done based on the indicators used by the various organizations that submitted information to be used to generate the elaborate report., enclosed in the link below.

Jamaica has become more sad and more constrained based on the indicators used to evaluate how happy our country is. What does this International Happiness Day mean to Jamaican citizens? Maybe very little or some. However, we have to recognize that our individual lives and output affect our country. If as individuals we do not aspire to be happy, then we will undoubtedly be less inclined to uplift our country. By all means, from this report, we our country’s values have dropped for the various indicators.

PFS encourages all citizens, not just to improve Jamaica’s ranking, but also to improve quality of life, to make a choice today to be happy. Look around you for the reasons you can be happy and focus on those. We leave you with a quote from Martha Washington – “the greater part of  our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not our circumstances.”

Buddha on happiness
Let the quality of your thoughts focus on happiness. It only does good things for you.
welcome to happiness
Introduce happiness into your everyday life and reap the benefits!!!

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