PFS’ good luck message to GSAT students!!!

To all the children that will soon sit down to their final exam at the Primary Education level, PFS says: Stay calm, You got this.

All those long months of studying and preparing will pay off. Put God at the front and centre and ask God to bring to your remembrance all that you have studied to enable you to apply your knowledge.

Parents: This is a very important milestone for your children, remind them that they are well loved and cared for and that you will be proud of them regardless of the outcome, as long as they did their best. And you will know if they did their best, they will tell you.

PFS salutes all you brave children sitting down to your exams. Go forth and conquer.

keep calm youve got this
Boy or girl – every last one of you. You’ve got this!!! You have it in you to do your best and reap the rewards.

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