Did you get the memo???

Do you know your rights as a consumer? What do you consider satisfactory product/service delivery?

Yesterday, March 15, 2016 was the official World Consumer Rights Day and Jamaica is engaged in four days of activities, since Tuesday,  geared at increasing public awareness to what is Consumer Rights and what those rights entail. The objective of the four-day long timetable of Consumer Rights Day, is to provide access to information regarding basic consumer rights and encourage the practice of effective reporting of unfair practices or practices that violate these basic consumer rights.

IConsumer (a Gleaner affiliate website) has stepped in, doing their social service of making information available to the public about the day. It is a common day of observation and consumers are urged to come out in their numbers and be informed. When you know your rights, you will recognize quality versus the lack of quality, if applicable, in a product or service. Take advantage of the various forums and activities at a location near you, arm yourself with information today.

Each year, the International body that administers various activities chooses a theme of focus in observing the day. The 2016 theme for World Consumer Rights Day is “Antibiotics off the menu”. The call is universal to food services entities to cease the use and produce of food, meat especially, that contains antibiotic agents. The widespread fear is that if left to continue on the current path, more consumers may become resistant to the same antibacterial medication, when they are to receive medical treatment for minor injuries and infections. This poses a problem because what should be used to treat you medically, is now ineffective as your body is used to it after in taking so much.

PFS endorses World Consumer Rights Day and the Jamaican Consumer Affairs Executive body for orchestrating activities that increase public knowledge and awareness. 

Go forth and be informed.


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