Happy World Commonwealth Day Jamaica!!!

Did you know that Jamaica is a Commonwealth country? In basics, common wealth means “happiness (wealth) belonging to all”. This represents a compliment of the individual meanings of the compound word. Jamaica is a member of that association, which also comprises of other countries that are or have been under the administration of the British.

Highlighted in this link are some of the mandates of the Commonwealth and their areas of focus for growth, development and networking. The commonwealth encourages and welcomes diversities in heritage and tradition as well as the unique contributions of each member state/ country.

The Commonwealth theme for 2016 is “An Inclusive Commonwealth.” This represents the recurring focus of all Commonwealth activities for the remainder of the year.

Leaders of the different Commonwealth members/states submit on behalf of their countries what ‘inclusiveness’ means to them. This is both how they use inclusiveness in their strategies as a country as well as the embracing of other members of the Commonwealth. All round, this is fertile ground for diversity abound and this years this countries are saying that all are welcome and appreciated for their uniqueness.

fly a flag commonwealth
Fly a Flag today and represent your country!!! PFS wishes Jamaica, a happy Commonwealth Day and we encourage you to practice ‘Inclusiveness’ in as much as we possibly can. Undoubtedly, it will require of us to accept and embrace the diversities that are among us. Have a great day, Jamaica!!!

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