Productive Fridays……

Did you know that you can have productive Fridays?

You got that right, Fridays are not just for counting down the weekend. In some sectors, Friday may sometimes be the only day you seem to have some control over  your week, a day to catch your breath if you may, and reflect on your week and how it was spent. You can capitalize on this powerful time, also, by structuring your workflow and targets then compare these with what you had intended to achieve. This day can be used to tie up those loose ends – of the week. So, yes, you still are giving your employer, the fullest of your contracted work hours.

Another increasing benefit of using Friday for the above purpose, is to give you a free and serene mindset going into the weekend. Experiences are felt more and appreciated more, without distractions. Also, on the next week, you would have no carried forward work/projects, except those that are on-going, which  gives your mind room for new thoughts and ideas that will increase productivity, efficiency and once executed properly, overall job satisfaction. #smile. When you find yourself with many on-going-projects, that span weeks, sometimes months – you divide the projects into manageable portions, and then work to completing these portions in the time frame you have been given (or if you have the luxury, the time frame you have given yourself).

Fridays have the potential to be just as productive. Take the opportunity to get those small tasks completed, as they should be and reduced their carrying-over to the next week and further clustering your week. Your aim is increase productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and a free mind that is looking forward to possibilities and activities for the weekend.

Productive weekend
1. Feel good about your week and the tasks you have completed. 2. Feel better about your week by completing those small tasks that though appear insignificant now, may turn out to be a big disruption if left uncompleted for too long. 3. Have a fantastic, when you realize that you have used your time wise and have accomplished as much as afforded. 4. Be ready to start the next week fresh and renewed.
At the end of the day-weekend
The best expert advice comes from a balance of experience and knowledge (cognitive application). Take a compliment of the two and you have all the precursors needed to spark the motivation in you.

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