What does International Women’s Day mean to Jamaica?

Today is International Women’s Day: the day to celebrate the extraordinary sacrifices, contribution and execution of duties of ordinary women around the world, every day. It truly is heart-warming to see how many of our world’s women have risen to the various challenges and surpassing them, even in sometimes, environments that may have crippled their efforts because of gender. 

Not only is the day for recognition of milestones made in the goal to end gender inequality, it is the time when great advocacy is solicited from many to join support the heard everywhere call for gender equality and the end of gender-based discrimination.

Jamaica is now a part of a case study of CARICOM women and leadership. Essentially, their life’s achievements and how it was hampered because of gender. We look forward to reading….

And, PFS wishes all women, near and far, a Happy Women’s Day. You are rare, a treasure and so very unique. Whatever it is that yo do, though may seem ordinary to many, is done extraordinarily by you……. And we leave you with a few words from the Leader of Opposition, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller. And last, but not least, PFS supports the call for greater advocacy, however, we encourage each individual, man or woman, to see the next (man or woman ) as an individual, innately deserving of your love, respect and fairness in treatment. When this becomes the culture, we do not need a specific to time do what will become second nature and transform the quality of lives and living in our country and wherever else, we may find ourselves.

Let us make it a part of our life’s task to ensure that we say equal treatment and opportunity for all and act in same accord; every individual deserves it and so do we. We would love to always feel treated fairly and with respect, be assured this is the same and  magnified yearning of the marginalized groups.

International Women's Day


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