How was International Happiness Day???

#Raise your hand if you knew yesterday was #International Happiness Day.

#looks at hands raised. OK then.

Raise your hand if it made a difference to you yesterday that it celebrated happiness….. OK then.

Jamaica this year has ranked number 73, on the happiest places on this earth to live and this is of a total of 157 countries that were featured in the report. According to various sources, it was unanimously concluded that there are 195 countries in the world. This means that 38 countries were not included in this report.

Back to Jamaica, whose position on the list has dropped from the 65 it was last year. Regrettably this means that Jamaica has not been so happy since the last report was done based on the indicators used by the various organizations that submitted information to be used to generate the elaborate report., enclosed in the link below.

Jamaica has become more sad and more constrained based on the indicators used to evaluate how happy our country is. What does this International Happiness Day mean to Jamaican citizens? Maybe very little or some. However, we have to recognize that our individual lives and output affect our country. If as individuals we do not aspire to be happy, then we will undoubtedly be less inclined to uplift our country. By all means, from this report, we our country’s values have dropped for the various indicators.

PFS encourages all citizens, not just to improve Jamaica’s ranking, but also to improve quality of life, to make a choice today to be happy. Look around you for the reasons you can be happy and focus on those. We leave you with a quote from Martha Washington – “the greater part of  our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not our circumstances.”

Buddha on happiness
Let the quality of your thoughts focus on happiness. It only does good things for you.
welcome to happiness
Introduce happiness into your everyday life and reap the benefits!!!

PFS’ good luck message to GSAT students!!!

To all the children that will soon sit down to their final exam at the Primary Education level, PFS says: Stay calm, You got this.

All those long months of studying and preparing will pay off. Put God at the front and centre and ask God to bring to your remembrance all that you have studied to enable you to apply your knowledge.

Parents: This is a very important milestone for your children, remind them that they are well loved and cared for and that you will be proud of them regardless of the outcome, as long as they did their best. And you will know if they did their best, they will tell you.

PFS salutes all you brave children sitting down to your exams. Go forth and conquer.

keep calm youve got this
Boy or girl – every last one of you. You’ve got this!!! You have it in you to do your best and reap the rewards.

Did you get the memo???

Do you know your rights as a consumer? What do you consider satisfactory product/service delivery?

Yesterday, March 15, 2016 was the official World Consumer Rights Day and Jamaica is engaged in four days of activities, since Tuesday,  geared at increasing public awareness to what is Consumer Rights and what those rights entail. The objective of the four-day long timetable of Consumer Rights Day, is to provide access to information regarding basic consumer rights and encourage the practice of effective reporting of unfair practices or practices that violate these basic consumer rights.

IConsumer (a Gleaner affiliate website) has stepped in, doing their social service of making information available to the public about the day. It is a common day of observation and consumers are urged to come out in their numbers and be informed. When you know your rights, you will recognize quality versus the lack of quality, if applicable, in a product or service. Take advantage of the various forums and activities at a location near you, arm yourself with information today.

Each year, the International body that administers various activities chooses a theme of focus in observing the day. The 2016 theme for World Consumer Rights Day is “Antibiotics off the menu”. The call is universal to food services entities to cease the use and produce of food, meat especially, that contains antibiotic agents. The widespread fear is that if left to continue on the current path, more consumers may become resistant to the same antibacterial medication, when they are to receive medical treatment for minor injuries and infections. This poses a problem because what should be used to treat you medically, is now ineffective as your body is used to it after in taking so much.

PFS endorses World Consumer Rights Day and the Jamaican Consumer Affairs Executive body for orchestrating activities that increase public knowledge and awareness. 

Go forth and be informed.

Happy World Commonwealth Day Jamaica!!!

Did you know that Jamaica is a Commonwealth country? In basics, common wealth means “happiness (wealth) belonging to all”. This represents a compliment of the individual meanings of the compound word. Jamaica is a member of that association, which also comprises of other countries that are or have been under the administration of the British.

Highlighted in this link are some of the mandates of the Commonwealth and their areas of focus for growth, development and networking. The commonwealth encourages and welcomes diversities in heritage and tradition as well as the unique contributions of each member state/ country.

The Commonwealth theme for 2016 is “An Inclusive Commonwealth.” This represents the recurring focus of all Commonwealth activities for the remainder of the year.

Leaders of the different Commonwealth members/states submit on behalf of their countries what ‘inclusiveness’ means to them. This is both how they use inclusiveness in their strategies as a country as well as the embracing of other members of the Commonwealth. All round, this is fertile ground for diversity abound and this years this countries are saying that all are welcome and appreciated for their uniqueness.

fly a flag commonwealth
Fly a Flag today and represent your country!!! PFS wishes Jamaica, a happy Commonwealth Day and we encourage you to practice ‘Inclusiveness’ in as much as we possibly can. Undoubtedly, it will require of us to accept and embrace the diversities that are among us. Have a great day, Jamaica!!!

Productive Fridays……

Did you know that you can have productive Fridays?

You got that right, Fridays are not just for counting down the weekend. In some sectors, Friday may sometimes be the only day you seem to have some control over  your week, a day to catch your breath if you may, and reflect on your week and how it was spent. You can capitalize on this powerful time, also, by structuring your workflow and targets then compare these with what you had intended to achieve. This day can be used to tie up those loose ends – of the week. So, yes, you still are giving your employer, the fullest of your contracted work hours.

Another increasing benefit of using Friday for the above purpose, is to give you a free and serene mindset going into the weekend. Experiences are felt more and appreciated more, without distractions. Also, on the next week, you would have no carried forward work/projects, except those that are on-going, which  gives your mind room for new thoughts and ideas that will increase productivity, efficiency and once executed properly, overall job satisfaction. #smile. When you find yourself with many on-going-projects, that span weeks, sometimes months – you divide the projects into manageable portions, and then work to completing these portions in the time frame you have been given (or if you have the luxury, the time frame you have given yourself).

Fridays have the potential to be just as productive. Take the opportunity to get those small tasks completed, as they should be and reduced their carrying-over to the next week and further clustering your week. Your aim is increase productivity, efficiency, job satisfaction and a free mind that is looking forward to possibilities and activities for the weekend.

Productive weekend
1. Feel good about your week and the tasks you have completed. 2. Feel better about your week by completing those small tasks that though appear insignificant now, may turn out to be a big disruption if left uncompleted for too long. 3. Have a fantastic, when you realize that you have used your time wise and have accomplished as much as afforded. 4. Be ready to start the next week fresh and renewed.
At the end of the day-weekend
The best expert advice comes from a balance of experience and knowledge (cognitive application). Take a compliment of the two and you have all the precursors needed to spark the motivation in you.

What does International Women’s Day mean to Jamaica?

Today is International Women’s Day: the day to celebrate the extraordinary sacrifices, contribution and execution of duties of ordinary women around the world, every day. It truly is heart-warming to see how many of our world’s women have risen to the various challenges and surpassing them, even in sometimes, environments that may have crippled their efforts because of gender. 

Not only is the day for recognition of milestones made in the goal to end gender inequality, it is the time when great advocacy is solicited from many to join support the heard everywhere call for gender equality and the end of gender-based discrimination.

Jamaica is now a part of a case study of CARICOM women and leadership. Essentially, their life’s achievements and how it was hampered because of gender. We look forward to reading….

And, PFS wishes all women, near and far, a Happy Women’s Day. You are rare, a treasure and so very unique. Whatever it is that yo do, though may seem ordinary to many, is done extraordinarily by you……. And we leave you with a few words from the Leader of Opposition, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson-Miller. And last, but not least, PFS supports the call for greater advocacy, however, we encourage each individual, man or woman, to see the next (man or woman ) as an individual, innately deserving of your love, respect and fairness in treatment. When this becomes the culture, we do not need a specific to time do what will become second nature and transform the quality of lives and living in our country and wherever else, we may find ourselves.

Let us make it a part of our life’s task to ensure that we say equal treatment and opportunity for all and act in same accord; every individual deserves it and so do we. We would love to always feel treated fairly and with respect, be assured this is the same and  magnified yearning of the marginalized groups.

International Women's Day